Unstructured Play and Panic Buying!!

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Unstructured play is in full swing here!!  It may look like a complete and utter mess, but it was contained to one room and allowed me to get our room all packed up.  There is also a reason for having the fabulous ikea draw storage…you just chuck it all back in at the end of the day and it’s an instant tidy up!  The photo on the right shows them playing “shops”.  They set it all up themselves, and are talking about pounds and pence, which shows how much children absorb as I’ve never “done” money with them.  They can’t work it all out, but they are saying how much it costs, and then paying, and giving over some change (now time to muddle them up with a change of currency!!)

Talking about money, our little lady had around £12 in her money boxes, and was panicking that after we moved she wouldn’t be able to spend it.  So, today I promised her a trip up to the very addictive shops of Smiggle and Claires.  She is now relieved to have spent her English money!

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This afternoon we finally ticked off “play conkers” from the national trusts 50 things to do list.  However, after no one hitting anyone else’s conkers, I decided they needed some target practice.  So tied one conker each to a patio chair and then just let them stand there and try and hit it with their other conker.  I’m not sure any conkers had any chips or dents in them, but they were happy!!

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