The Pros And Cons Of Moving Abroad

Have you ever considered moving abroad?  It is a huge decision whether you are following your dreams or moving for other reasons.  Or are you just curious to see how others find it?  I have put together a post about the pros and cons of moving abroad, making a balanced discussion both for and against.  

The Pros And Cons Of Moving Abroad – The Pros

  1. This is going to be one hell of an adventure, bringing all the excitement that goes along with going on a big adventure.
  2. You will meet so many new people.
  3. You will become more tolerant as you experience other people from other cultures.
  4. Moving abroad brings to you a whole new place/country to explore with new travel opportunities.
  5. You will grow as a person from the experience as living abroad teaches you new things.
  6. You will learn about a new culture, its history, and maybe even a new language.
  7. It will be a new challenge.

The Pros And Cons Of Moving Abroad – The Cons

  1. You will leave family and friends behind.  If you have children you will be asking them to leave their’s behind too with very little say in the matter.
  2. You may grieve the life you leave behind.
  3. It can cost a lot of money to move depending on how much of your life you are taking with you.
  4. There can be language barriers, at least until you get a grasp of the new language.  Add in the time it will take to devote to learning the language too.
  5. You may find it a shock to settle into a new country, with a different way of living and facing new problems.
  6. Simple daily tasks (such a shopping or making appointments) can become very difficult and challenging to achieve, especially at the outset.  Everything will take more time and effort to do.
  7. You are stepping right out of your comfort zone – there are positives to doing that as well though.
  8. You may go through a period of feeling misunderstood, especially if there is a language barrier or a different culture, and that could be quite frustrating.

There is no doubt about it, moving abroad changes you and there will be problems you will face as an expat too.  You also need to make sure you can afford to live the lifestyle you want where you are moving to.  In our case this was to Sweden.  For us the pros have far outweighed the cons.  Also, there will always be pros and cons to staying put……our biggest negative point to staying put would have been the “what ifs”.  With our move to Sweden we have had our ups and downs, but mainly ups.  We have learnt a few things living in Sweden, and a couple of rules for living in Sweden too.  If you have moved abroad let me know of any pros and cons I have left out. And if you are thinking about moving abroad let me know in the comments anything that would be handy to know 🙂

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  1. I ha e always been tempted to go and live abroad, however it’s only a dream for us. Unfortunately for us we have too many things holding us back to moving to a different country.

  2. I see so much appeal in this but not brave enough to take the plunge and leave my family. A friend of mine has just left for Argentina for 7 months with her husband and 3 children, I can only imagine how amazing that would be.

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  3. It is a bold move to move abroad, I love the idea, I like watching Escape to the Chateau, the lifestyle in France looks amazing. I think I worry most about the kids being unsettled, this is a great post.

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      Thankyou. I worried a lot about our three but we wanted to try and give them the chance to experience another part of the world. They have adapted remarkably well so far, and now speak 2 languages….we’ve been here 2 years

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  4. It sounds like moving abroad was the right decision for you. It has crossed our mind a couple of times over the years but being close to friends and family has always outweighed the desire to move.

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      We are very lucky in that friends and family will travel….those that matter will stay in contact, you do learn you are your real friends! We have also met and made many new lovely people and friends as well

  5. This must be a huge decision for you to make, and I think you are really brave for deciding to go ahead. My brother located to Singapore for 3 years and talked about how difficult it was to leave family behind but such an amazing experience for his young daughters to learn about new cultures.

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  6. I’m planning to move to Sweden from Cyprus. Looking for better quality of life and higher education to my 4 kids ( ages 13, 11, 7, 3 ), and better work opportunities for me and my husband.
    What you said was very helpful, but my main concern is the language! especially for my 2 eldest kids, 13 and 11.
    And which city to settle in is a challenge for me as well.
    What do you think?

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      Hiya! Our 3 were 4 and 8 when we moved here and now we are here all three speak and understand swedish fluently. The youngest ones have only just started to read so they are doing that with their class mates. It was hard for the eldest one but the school was brilliant with her, she had some extra lessons once a week, and they made sure she had understood them. We just threw them in at the deep end and they have survived very well 🙂 We have our ups and downs, especially with the eldest missing friends but as long as you have time to spend on these worries and listen there is not a lot else you can do. We have face time with the closest friends and lots of visitors!! As time goes on the episodes of upset become less, but all three have always embraced their lives here head on. We chatted a lot with them prior to moving as well, and also made a huge adventure out of it. We also have not searched out other expats to spend our time with, instead immersing ourselves in our very welcoming swedish local community. I would say though moving to a smaller place (Dadda commutes into a larger place for work) has been beneficial…the school is smaller so everyone knows they are English and can adjust accordingly when needed. Also, people really go out of their way to help us when we hit an issue we are not really sure how to deal with. I have written other articles as well regarding living abroad, in Sweden, and moving abroad with children, so feel free to have a browse and see if there is anything else helpful!

  7. Hiya,
    My husband and I are seriously thinking of getting a holiday but hopefully a permanent home in Sweden moving from the Wirral peninsula. We fell in love with Sweden a few years ago staying in Verko/Lyckeby area and also Gothenburg for a Christmas. We were thinking of moving somewhere between; north at Norrkoping over to Jonkoping; south and over to Oland area of looking for a cottage and a small bit of land, basically it’s a retirement thing for our future.

    We’re tired of the UK; too manic and crowded for our taste! and we loved the laid back, seemingly more clean, outdoorsy, environment thinking of the Swedish people and culture. My guilty little pleasure was finding love for the ICA Maxi store! I’ve gotta live within driving distance from one of those and an Ikea! LOL! We’re planning this for a couple of years from now, sell our home and simplify our lives. But before that, we’ll visit Sweden again, check out the region getting more info and what need to be done, basically getting our ‘ducks in a row’ beforehand. Now about that Brexit headache…any quick advice will be much appreciated I don’t want to take up your time. Thanks for your blogs and photos, it helps some of my thoughts about the move.

    Ta, C

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      I am so glad some of my posts are useful for you. Your thoughts about Sweden are very much along the same line as ours!! I would say though that it would probably be easier for you before Brexit, or if Brexit just disappeared altogether!! I am not sure how easy it will be after that, but where there is a will there is a way….just do not let it stop your dreams!! I too can get lost in ICA maxi and come out with a trolley load when I only went in for milk and bread!!! Let me know if you make the move over or if there is anything I can help you with 🙂

      1. Sonia,

        Thanks a bunch for your reply, fingers crossed we’ll make it over there Brexit or no Brexit. I’m with you and wish it would go away, LOL! Major headaches for everyone…


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