Tap Dancing

We have had to add this lesser known education topic to our home education programme!!  The reason being, before we left the UK, this was one of our little lady’s favourite forms of dance, and guess what?  The Swedes haven’t even really heard of it!  So, digging out my old tap shoes I suddenly became the tap dance teacher along with English and Maths…a well known combo!

However, to achieve this, we have needed a couple of resources.  Any floors could be ruined by our tapping dance shoes, but we are especially precious of our new home’s wooden floors.  So I got researching.  A lot of portable floors have very limited space to them, but I eventually found a lovely black one with some sparkle finish to it (very important criteria to an 8 year old) from Le Mark Floors.  ( www.lemarkfloors.co.uk )  You can also get the same floor from Amazon too….very handy for international delivery!  It gives us a bit more room and a really decent tapping sound…shame about the old slow legs!

So, with the floor sorted, I needed some sort of guideline as to what to teach her….I was ok at tap, but I’m not sure following my improvisation after 21 years out of tap shoes would be that great for her!  So we invested in the ISTD DVD ( www.istd.org ) which is up to and including Grade 3, so plenty to occupy us.  She has just passed Grade 1, and after a few weeks I am now confident I can tackle Grade 2 😉 !!  I’ve just about mastered Grade 1 now!!  However, I may have a bit more work to do than I originally thought, as ballet dancing twin no.1 is really keen to learn too (frantic tap shoe sourcing begins, as well as now getting to grips with a primary syllabus!), and non-dancing twin 2 is even muttering he wants to do it as well!!  It seems that my tap dancing days are not as over as I thought they were, although my ankles and feet were telling me otherwise this afternoon 🙂

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