Swedish School and Kelly Kettle Fika!


Today was the first day of school….well at least until 1215 as that is when school ends on a Friday (having had lunch break for an hour at 11!). We got all dressed up in full ski wear to slide the 300m up the road to school, where all her classmates were once again waiting with excitement to see her. They all hovered around her in the playground, and one even looked like she wanted to give our little lady a letter. When she got home later, I found out she had, and it was a little note saying welcome and she hoped she’d like the school, together with our little lady’s name in Hama beads and some felt love hearts! So cute and so friendly!! She had definitely had a lovely day, had giggled her way through her maths lesson, and not understood much else, but was perfectly fine with that. What she is not so fine with at the moment is a lot of the school trailing her at break time and firing lots of questions at her. I’ve tried to explain she’s a bit of a novelty at the moment and they have all been waiting for her since the end of September to appear, so just bear with it, and the novelty will eventually wear off. Everyone has been so welcoming, so I’ve asked her to try and be patient with their curiosity for now.



After we collected her we bimbled off to explore the north east part of the island as it was a beautiful, bright, cold day, and we hadn’t been up there yet. So I took the kelly kettle for its first outing in Sweden and off we slid down the road. We found a man made harbour, and another beautiful corner of the island. We sat in a little bay and enjoyed an outdoor fika this time, having hot squash and toasted marshmallows. It was so lovely again, and we are really enjoying finding the many lovely areas of this island, and the views are amazing.

img_0557 img_0558

Our little lady seems content about her first day at school, and excited, our little men are looking forward to their birthday on Sunday, and finally life seems to be settling down a little for Dadda and myself. Today we invested in our next bit of Swedish equipment – a boot dryer!! We are looking forward to a long cold winter, but after the first few days, we have decided we need this piece of equipment in our lives! So, I have a busy weekend making very chocolatey birthday cakes, and decorating bicycles in ribbons!! No doubt by the time I write on Monday I may never want to see chocolate cake again…..or then again, being me, I might just need it for breakfast 🙂 I’m going to leave you with some more scenic photos of where we went on our walk, enjoy 🙂

img_0559 img_0561 img_0562 img_0563 img_0564 img_0565 img_0569 img_0570 img_0571 img_0572


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