Swedish Recce Day 2.

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Today was all about Dadda meeting up with the guy responsible for the job offer, checking Karlskrona out in more depth, along with raiding tourist information for all their information (my suitcase back is in trouble with the amount of literature!), and checking out the local library. We have also had a couple of other successes…we have located the Swedish version of children’s Calpol and Nurofen (those of you with a large amount of children will appreciate how important these are in your lives and just how much you seem to get through!), and we have located the state run alcohol shop (similar to above….those of you with a large amount of children in your lives will appreciate how important this is in your life!!!).  We have had a fantastic day learning about the area in more depth, and then we set off to find coastal shores that the children could explore (not just places where they could leap off jetties into the deep fjords…we’d already found ample opportunities for this complete with diving boards!).  We found beautiful areas where you can wade into the fjord rather than leaping in, and very child friendly places….plus a few sneaky geocache recces, but my Swedish will have to improve to read the clues.  We’ve popped our heads into the local submarine museum (bit ironic as we live next to one in the UK too).

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In the afternoon we headed out to an island called Hasslö.  The idea here was to take a bit of a chill pill and relax….we ended up with about 45 minutes before we needed to head back, and that was only after I was chased out of a dropbox loo in the woods by a swarm of wasps!!  Combat toilet it was then!!!  It was beautiful though, and I have already started making lists about what we are going to do if we move here and places to play, and this is one of them.  We then went out for a meal with the guy we had met earlier and his wife…it was as if Sweden had turned on all its charm for us…lovely food, eaten by the marina, with the sun setting 🙂

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We have had an amazing couple of days and think we have found our home in the world.  Although our three children will all eventually be part of the Swedish education system as they reach the right age, I hope you will still keep up with our adventures on the blog if the move goes ahead.  I may not be home educating them in the long term (we will be in the UK after Dadda leaves for Sweden due to housing practicalities), but Mamma’s School will take on a whole different meaning and adventure.  We will be learning about different cultures, a new country and a new way of living, and I fully intend to still carry out the “Exploring Nature with Children; a year long curriculum”.  We’ll have a whole new country to explore and learn about its wildlife (please don’t mention the wolves and bears to our little lady, she’s more used to the idea of moose/elk though) 🙂

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