Succumbed to Swedish Bugs

We’ve done very well to be here over a month and not be ill, despite lots of upheaval and stress, but we have all now got heavy colds.  The boys hit their low point at the end of last week, and the little lady was very gunky this morning.  That led to a bad mix of breakfast milk and snot in her tummy (and although this is usually mini man no.1’s trick, not hers), her breakfast came flying back.  So, school was cancelled for the day as at this point we weren’t sure what we were dealing with.  Our little lady was gutted, but having eaten 2 slices of toast pretty soon afterwards, a lunch of chicken nuggets, and wraps for supper, I think we can safely say it wasn’t a tummy bug 🙂 So we will try again tomorrow and hopefully she’ll be in school.  So, coming down from a big sugar high and 2 birthdays yesterday, all feeling a bit under the weather, we decided that today would be very laid back.

I actually made a full on attempt with the boys home education content today.  It’s been a bit hit and miss over the last 4 weeks, and doing only a little on most days.  Today I managed to do their reading, writing, and maths individually and actually devote a good chunk of time to each one.  Our little lady continues her workbooks even though she’s started school, as we now need to keep up her English as her first language skill.

img_0610 img_0611 img_0612 img_0614

The bulk of the afternoon was devoted to some nice calm painting.  The mini men got a lovely wooden dragon to paint and make for their birthday, and were very keen to get going on them.  They quietly got on with that.  They like experimenting with their colours a lot.  So the dragon started one colour, became another, and then after a little colour mixing on the palette, it changed another few times!  It’s fun watching them though learn through this, and never fails to please me that they enjoy it, especially mini man no.2, as it’s taken them a lot of persuading that it’s a fun thing to do.

img_0606This photo of them bouncing on their new 10 foot trampoline is a milestone for a few reasons.  For 7 years we have owned a lovely and very robust 4 foot trampoline (our gardens have been very tiny).  We got it when our little lady was 18 months old, so it has had a long service, and wasn’t really an issue with one 18 month old child bouncing on it.  However, in recent years, with all three on it together most of the time, it was getting to be a bit of a squeeze!  So, when we knew we had a moving date, a new trampoline was ordered and shipped with our things on the removal van.  Today was their first bounce, and they loved it, and the space it gave them as well!!  There are 2 other reasons why it is a bit of a milestone as well.  We moved in, and after doing the main house we got round to putting the trampoline up pretty fast.  However, 55 springs into the job, and with one left to attach, Dadda could not locate anymore in the box!  We were one blooming spring short, and because the trampoline had left the UK no one was interested in helping us.  Ebay came up trumps, but it took a while for us to receive it.  By then the snow had fallen and the ice had set in.  Although I braved painful icy fingers attaching the spring and tying down the safety net, there was no way they could bounce on the plate of ice that lay on it, and the net was frozen solid too.  Finally today, the sun warmed it for long enough to make it melt, and safe enough to play on!  They were ecstatic.  They still all try and jump on the same cm squared of matting though!!

So, fingers crossed the little lady will head into school tomorrow.  I have received 2 letters today also about the boys förskola places.  From an initial glance I think it says they can start from the 21st November (Monday), but I need to sit and translate the letter properly and return the form that I need to fill out.


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