img_0496Today dawned very bright, very sparkly (after some more light snow), and very freezing!  We had a lot of tasks to do in the morning, so by the time we’d eaten our lunch we were ready to get outdoors.  This weeks nature curriculum topic is moss, and we needed to go and collect a few samples so we could sit in the comfort of our home and draw them into the nature journals.  A few weeks ago we had headed out to one of the nature reserves near where we’d be moving too, and we’d managed the top half of the route.  Today, now we lived there, we headed back to complete the bottom half of the route, and collect some samples of moss along the way.  We dressed up nice and cosy and headed out.  The route at this end of the walk had totally different scenery.  The top half had been heavily wooded (still with water very close), but we’d been calf deep in leaves and enjoyed a mainly woodland walk.  The bottom half turned out to be very open and fenced in by the sea on both sides.  There were also a lot of cows grazing….great big fluffy cows.  I’m not great with cows, but when you are with your children you need to put on a brave face, and along a particular narrow part of the path we were faced with the whole herd coming the other way.  We took the courageous route and hid in a bush!  On another part of the walk I looked from the map to the fence line to find the style we needed, only to find a huge cow was enjoying just standing there……forever!  We had a very lovely 2 hour walk, and the cold winter sunshine reflecting off the water was beautiful.  The children enjoyed cracking the huge ice sheets up by jumping on them, and then carrying large chunks and sheets of ice with them until they melted and then they found another favourite chunk to carry….so practical in cold weather!  The walk was so beautiful.  I am not going to say much more, apart from the fact I can’t believe I live here!  I am going to leave you will a photo story of the hike, and I hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we did 🙂

img_0495 img_0494 img_0493 img_0491 img_0490 img_0489 img_0488 img_0487 img_0486 img_0484 img_0482 img_0479 img_0473


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