Sjöscouten, and Oh Boy What a Day!!


The view as we pulled up in the car to drop the little lady and I off for our day with the scouts

img_0283Today was a chance for our little lady to go over to an island the scouts own, for a trip.  As she was one of the younger ones, I was allowed to come too if I wanted to, and as others had parents going I went along to find out where they go, what they do, and be a bit of moral support for dropping her in at the deep end with Swedish!!  It was a gorgeous day, and the view when we pulled up was stunning.  No one had told us anything about the mode of transport, and meeting in bridge road, I’d assumed it was over a bridge.  Apparently not, as a little boat pulled up and we were asked if we owned life vests (a staple item in a Swedish household, and soon to be one in ours!!).  Luckily some people had thought to bring spares for us 2, and she is now very worried her main Christmas present will be a life vest!!  Some older scouts were already on the island, with more joining them, and they would be staying over night there.  So, with no risk assessments, and no forms to sign, we hopped into the boat and were off.  Today was a day where the older ones taught the little ones some skills, and then tomorrow some parents would join the older ones and staff to help to do a little renovation on the scout hut before the winter sets in.  Last winter the ice in the sea completely dislodged the jetty and took it out to sea, and they had to retrieve it!!  It’s a slow business getting supplies over too, as the small boat is loaded and shuttled over with planks of wood etc and does shuttle runs like that.  But what a fun way to start our day!!

img_0285 img_0288

The Swedes, like the Norwegians, like to eat their lunch early, so as soon as we arrived, after a brief chat, it was down to the business of cooking.  The older ones were using an open fire, but the little ones learnt to use trangias.  They did the cooking themselves and cooked meatballs (to our little ladies delight), pasta, chopped cucumber, and they decided to experiment and go picking berries and added it into the pasta!!  Once they had cooked it, we retreated indoors out of the icy wind to enjoy eating it.


After lunch it was time to get down to business, and the older ones set the little ones a series of fun scenarios, which then incorporated the children learning various skills, such as knots and teamwork.  We bimbled all over the island and the views were amazing.  After all this activity it was time to retreat back to the hut for pancakes (made by the older ones), sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon on top, before catching the ferry back towards the mainland.  Our little lady had loved the amazing day, and I couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be part of this outdoor lifestyle.  The older scouts really interacted with the younger ones and helped look after them, and everyone was full of questions and interest about our situation.  They made sure she didn’t feel left out and that language was not a barrier.  For me it was nice to see how she interacted with her peers and how quickly she has become so settled and genuinely happy and confident in amongst them.  When we reached the mainland, one little boy spontaneously threw his arms around her to give her a hug goodbye.  Everyone has been so welcoming and caring. After all that fresh air, and another hour and half in the garden when we got home, I am hoping she sleeps well tonight 🙂

img_0299 img_0300

Meanwhile the boys had a lovely day with their Dadda, they did their gymnastics like a  pair of monkeys, and then I’d left them with a bit of a task list of some of the left over moving in jobs to complete.  They also have been offered a visit to the förskola on Monday morning, despite the official letter saying they were now in the queue, so we will walk over to take a peak at that 🙂

img_0297 img_0305 img_0307 img_0308 img_0310 img_0312 img_0314


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