Scary Woods and Fresh Moose Poop!

So today I wanted to continue exploring the south west part of the island while the trio were in various schools for the morning, as I was still unsure the terrain was something they could manage here, and it’s already quite a distance to walk from home, and then tackle it and walk back again for them.  I set out as soon as it was light enough after the school run (so about 0845!), and marched determinedly along.  A few paths on my map didn’t exist, and a few others were in different places, but I felt like I was making good progress in working out what paths on the ground, went where on the map.  I found some cute little bays as well.

I’ve never been that comfortable walking in remote places on my own, and this part of the island is very remote!  However, I tried to put my fears aside, and trudged through the woodland, emerging out on the seashore on the west side of the island.  It was then I decided to not work off any maps, and see if I could skirt round this peninsula, following it back inland, and across the water inlet, before heading down onto the next peninsula (which was the one I explored on Tuesday).  I knew this was a little risky and that I could be turning back if the water came in too far and there were a lot of reeds to push through too.  However, it was clear I wasn’t the first through, and so I followed a little track that had already been made.  It did occur to me part way through, that this might indeed only be something like a deer’s trail not a human one!  Oh well, I was too far in now.  I was half way across the water inlet when I suddenly spotted a huge bivvi on the outskirts of the wood.  It might have been my unfounded fears, but I felt I was being watched the rest of the way (in my bright purple coat!) and I tried to push on quickly (sinking into the boggy ground and the reeds taller than me making quickly, more like slowly!).  I was relieved to finally get onto the peninsula I was on a few days ago, as I knew the path up from this into the woods, and it was not far back home from there……..well that is if you take the right turning, and not in your panic march blindly forwards missing it!  Then to raise my heart rate even further I came across fresh älg (moose) poop on my very narrow path…..I know they don’t like to meet humans but I suddenly started to flap as meeting a cow on this path would scare me, let alone my first sighting of a moose!  I eventually emerged from my woodland wanderings, definitely with a better idea of where all the paths were and weren’t, however, my plan of a 2 hour walk had turned into a nearly three hour yomp.  Whilst this doesn’t sound too harsh, for the past eight years I have been meandering at the pace of little people and have better fitness running, rather than the long yomp fitness!  Plus there was some quite awkward terrain.  It is also the last time I head deep into unknown woods for an extended period of time on my own… time I’m making sure my moose defence is with me (my husband), and I’m sticking to more well worn tracks and paths from now on 🙂


I was very relieved to get home, my feet burned with the frantic get me out of here pace home, and I was very pleased with myself!!  Not sure my body will be in the morning though….and to think I used to do this with a bergen on my back for days at a time……..#gettingold!!!!


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