Saying our Goodbyes.

img_9596Today we packed up the lounge (my weight training for the day as the bulk of our books reside in that room!) and had a very special visitor in the form of a previous colleague of mine and her gorgeous puppy, to say “goodbye” to us.  Over the next couple of weeks we have quite a few lovely people coming to say goodbye, although I hope it will only be short lived, and that we are giving them an excuse to visit our new small part of the world over in Sweden, and go exploring there with us.  It’s double edged, as suddenly we are seeing all our lovely friends in a short space of time, but knowing it is because we are leaving the country makes it a little sad.  It’s very strange being excited, anxious, and sad all at the time!

The children and the puppy were taken for a much needed bit of fresh air in the late September afternoon sun down on the beach, taking our kelly kettle with us.  We also had another new toy to play with as our fire steel had arrived this morning.  All three love making sparks to light the fires with these.  My little lady was quite scathing about my fire attempts today, so I’m really going to have to keep practising (by toasting lots of marshmallows!!!).  I have now started deliberately earmarking a good couple of hours in the day for us to be outside doing something (but maybe not climbing lamp posts as twin no.2 thought was a good idea today, as I caught him making good progress up the post).  It is more important then ever for the four of us in the next two weeks, and will enable us to take a deep breath and step back from the stress of moving.  Today was lovely though, catching up with a lovely friend, seeing her puppy and having furry cuddles (oh how I miss those and the children do too), and getting outside once the sun came out.

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