Returning home :-)

We returned home today back to our gorgeous trio, who we had missed a lot, and who we wished we could have shown around too.  We flew from Copenhagen at midday, having driven there from the south of Sweden, and were home by 1530hrs.  We’d achieved a lot, got our priorities sorted, and were thoroughly pooped…although maybe not as much a the brave grandparents who stepped in very last minute to look after them all for the three nights and four days!!  This was by far the longest we had ever left the children, but it was a necessity with the amount we had to cram in and do.  Not exactly a child friendly excursion.  The grandparents had survived, which was good to see, but were pleased to retreat to the calm and tranquillity of their own home tonight.
IMG_8504We have tried to spend time with each child tonight, going over our thoughts and what would happen if we moved.  There are three major sticking points with our little lady at the moment; her current ex school friendship group which were all quite close.  We have explained that anyone and everyone is always more than welcome with us, and whilst it doesn’t replace weekly contact, it does give her food for thought.  The other 2 issues, are her bedroom (it’s extremely large here and she can dance around in it, and she worries she won’t be able to dance), and her wall stickers…..:-)  So, some food for thought for her and us, and we need to get thinking how we can make this work for her.  No.1 mini man seemed very excited about living in Sweden, but is adamant he shall only be going to kindergaten once, and mini man no.2 is quite happy at the moment as he has discovered Sweden has floors, walls, and roofs!!

It feels strange to be back in the UK, and trying to make decisions and choices for a place a few countries away, and it will be even stranger when Dadda leaves at the end of August, to start work, and start the immigration ball rolling, which will hopefully result in finding family accommodation big enough for us to rent for 6 months-year.  It’s been an emotional, and tiring (but very fun and happy) three days, and now I’m off to bed to try and switch my brain off from the gazillion things rushing around, and get some good sleep!!


Rush hour in Sweden this morning 🙂 Happy Place

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