Our New Home is Ours!!

img_0128Today saw us signing the contract at the estate agent’s to our new home, and in the blink of an eye, the bank transferred the funds, and it was ours.  The sellers and buyers meet at the estate agent together, have some coffee (bribe the children with complimentary chocolate to be quiet), and get the job done.  By far the quickest exchange day we’ve ever had….we met at 10:00, by 10:30, it was ours 🙂  So what did we do when we came out of the office?  Drove straight there jangling our new keys.  We had a list of about 12 jobs that we wanted to do today. Now, bearing in mind we have no tools, ladders, or any aids that would useful, so this was quite a feat!  We first ate lunch as a picnic on the lounge floor, then the children spent 4 hours running madly round the huge garden, or running madly round the empty house, while we beavered away.  The type of things we did were unpacking the three suitcases, measuring up the lounge so we knew where we were wanting to put our furniture and had that straight in our heads, fitting the central overhead light fixtures from the ceiling, put cupboard locks on the medicine and cleaning fluid cupboards, put bricks onto the well cover (most Swedish gardens come complete with really deep well as a remnant from days of a more crude water supply…unfortunately with my trios combination of curiosity, not having any fear, and doing a lot of what they are told not to do, this is going to be a bit of a hazard for us!), measure the spare room for the sofa bed, sort out the cellar so we knew where we wanted to put the things down there, and amongst other jobs prepare my rubbish recycling system.


Mini man no.1 getting to grips with the rubbish draw! Slightly confusing to have a 6-option-bin at four (leaving out the newspapers and booze empties boxes that we are keeping in the cellar)

After all this we headed back into town for our little lady’s first ballet lesson.  The teacher was really happy with her, but our little lady felt a little flat….new exercises that everyone else knew threw her off track a bit, and she has felt like this before when starting a new dance class in the UK, and then the following week has been more confident.  She must have done better than she thought though, as next week the teacher wants her to trial the class for 10 years olds, rather than her 8 to 9 year olds that she was in today, so we shall see how that one goes.  It’s the first time she’s been a little wobbly about anything changing. Her UK teacher was brilliant, and really good with her, so it was always going to be a bit of a wrench to leave.  But even then, she left her first modern dance class in tears in the UK last year, and then it quickly became her favourite class!  So, we shall wait and see, but I think it’ll all settle down quite fast.  Meanwhile though the mini men were playing in the park and thoroughly loving it, but my heart rate wasn’t…they were climbing up to the top of the climbing web, leaping up and down on the ropes, letting go, sliding down the ropes, and generally trying to give me heart failure.  If our little lady takes the later ballet class, Dadda can look after these 2 monkeys at home, and I’ll be out of danger of having a heart attack!

img_0133 img_0127

Tomorrow we head off to get our little lady assessed to see if she could manage a Swedish school place while at the same time we learn about libraries etc.  Then it is back to Sjöscouts for another session, before packing everything up for moving in day on Wednesday 🙂  Nearly there now!!


my bonkers little men…





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