Our First UK Visitors.

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So the grandparents finally got here after plane, train, and automobile.  The children were soooooo excited and there was a lot of talking all at once and noise!  The log fire was lit and the bubbly pink wine was poured, and they got lost in the house a few times 😉 !!  It was VERY dark when they arrived so unfortunately they didn’t get to see a lot of the scenery on the drive to the house, but they like the inside of our new home.  Once we’d all eaten, the children were bathed and in bed, and we’d had some red wine and a good chat, we all flopped into bed for a good night’s sleep.

Today the little lady had school, but finished at 12:15.  So we agreed that we’d have lunch at 11:00, like she would at school, and then set off to get her, all dressed up ready to show them around some of the island on foot.  We waited for our little lady at school and they got to see her school a little, and the relaxed nature of school life.  We’d got a very cold but lovely sunny day, and we headed off around the north east part of the island.

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Then we had to carry on showing them the finest parts of Sweden, by on our return having fika!  Our children have been dying to eat the extra fruit cakes for weeks since I made them, but as a fruit cake addict was visiting (Grandad) we’d had to save them.  So everyone tucked in with relish.  Then because it is advent, and it is a RULE, we rapidly followed that treat up with a bottle of Glögg….the ridiculously sweet Swedish version of mulled wine.  The fire was lit again, and everyone was feeling cosy and toasty 🙂

Dadda and I are very pleased that they could see the attraction for us living here, and could understand completely why we have made the move over, and seeing the place in reality has made them see it all the more.  It’s also been nice for them to see a normal day in our lives, with our little lady’s part time 😉 schooling, and lovely walks with impressive scenic views.

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