Our First Swedish House Bidding Experience.

IMG_9198To say this was a frantic, stressful, and nervous experience would be a huge understatement!!  Dadda viewed a house yesterday (that we had spotted and loved at first sight back in July, and it came on the market last week).  He viewed it along with some others (the estate agent holds an open day), and then once the first person decides to bid, everyone that is interested receives a text message, and a link to watch the bidding.  From that initial bid, anyone else interested then needs to get back quickly with a counter bid, and so the bidding progresses, until it hits a stalling point, and at that time the vendor can chose who they’d like to sell too.

The bidding kicked off this morning 0930 Swedish time, with someone else putting forward a bid, already quite a way over the asking price.  We then had to get involved, and it was a very tense couple of hours.  Poor Dadda was having to get to grips with the etiquette of Swedish house buying protocol on his own and go through the bidding process, while I was sat in the UK not able to do anything.  The bids went up in giant leaps too, but seemed to be just us and this other person in the bidding.  It moves fast, and you have to know your budget, and stick to it, as during that process it would be very easy to get carried away.  We ended up bowing out after quite a few bids between us had happened, and we lost the home we thought would get us all over to Sweden 🙁   Just to give you an idea of how fast things move, the people that will have won the house, will tonight have signed the contract and handed over a deposit, and won’t be long before they are moved in.  It’s all a rather speedy experience, and they don’t hang around.  Unfortunately, houses are proving to be a bit sparse where we want to be, but we were aware of one other that Dadda is going to see tomorrow, and see how concerned we should be about some things that came up on the survey (the surveys are put out with the house sale information).  We have also found one other, that looks really promising tonight, which is helping to lift our spirits after a really emotional day.  We are desperate to have a date where we can all be in one place (or even in the same country again!).  So we are again crossing everything for tomorrow and potentially another emotional rollercoaster day!

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