Nearly there…..

img_0157 img_0158 img_0159 img_0160 img_0161Blimey I’m pooped and aching!!  We have though 2 completely finished children’s rooms – all apart from lampshades, as none of ours fit.  Today was the day to finish off their rooms.  We hung shelves, we bashed in pictures, we got frustrated with giant tree wall stickers (well I left that to Dadda and snuck off to do the easier pirates!), we hung a princess bed accessory netting thing, we nailed in pirate bunting in one room and gingham pink in the other, and tackled most of the downstairs picture hanging.  I have also removed from the laundry room all the drills, screwdrivers, random rubbish, old lamps that were left behind, and any other jumbly random items so that is all sorted now too.  The rest of the house isn’t going too badly, but still has random items in odd places, so you will have to wait to see those photos.  We have also finally agreed on the layout of the lounge, after rearranging all three pieces of furniture quite a few times 🙂

Also today, I got outside for the first time in 48 hours…those who know me well will realise that I’ve been working hard for this to be the case, as I am never a happy bee being inside all day.  We popped into town to try and register for my Swedish ID card now I have my personal number, but the queue at the tax office was out the door and along the pavement, so funnily enough, with three children in tow, I decided that could wait.  We also took mini man no.1 off for his second ballet lesson, complete with ballet shoes, so he was very happy.  Then it was back home for…..more picture hanging!  Tomorrow I will tackle the boxes of books, and that should see the last of all the boxes unpacked.  I am also going to send my colour blind husband off buying 6 lampshades, so we might have an interesting colour scheme in the house by tomorrow night!  The boys are also going to try out the gymnastics club here on the island tomorrow that we’ve managed to find out about, so another busy day, but I can see the end is in sight 🙂

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