Nature Curriculum Week 9 Part 2, Exploring our Island, and Learning Swedish :-)

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The temperatures have plummeted, the wellies have been swapped for cosy winter boots, and the car is booked in to have its tyres changed for studded winter ones tomorrow (which are currently being stored at the local garage, in their cutely named däckhotell….or tyre hotel).  The day began bright, very crisp, and freezing, so a walk had to be done.  We decided to do some more exploring and so headed off to the north west quarter of the island.  We were mainly walking along the roadside (that might be a bit of an overstatement, more like a grand footpath that cars drive down), and we came across very cute harbour areas, small and old little summer cabins, and lovely traditional Swedish houses.  We left the car at home today after yesterday’s fiasco, and explored from our home on foot.  We managed an invigorating 2 hour plod around, and now I am beginning to think I have more of a feel for the island and I’m finally orientating myself.

img_0411After lunch we finished off our nature curriculum for the week, by reading our story, reading the poem, and having a look at the recommended art piece.  Our book was called “Mushroom in the Rain” by Mirra Ginsburg, our poem “The Elf and the Dormouse” by Oliver Herford, and the art was “The Mushroom Gatherers” by Henry Herbert La Thangue.  The stories and poem were very lovely and we enjoyed our snuggles for them.  We then moved on to the boys maths and writing for the day.  Due to their big sister taking FOREVER to eat her lunch, we decided to do it on the easel, one taking the chalk side and one taking the whiteboard side.  They did fantastically.  They can nearly write forename and surname with no prompts, and we did some basic adding and subtracting maths, and then writing the answers in number form.  For 2 lively boys that can’t sit still, they are taking so much on board, and what’s more they love doing it with me.  Having them being so receptive makes it a really lovely thing to do.

img_0409 img_0408 img_0405We finished off with all of us starting to learn our Swedish together.  We began with the extra three letters of the alphabet (ö ä å) and their pronunciation, and counting from 1-5 (ett, två, tre, fyra, fem).  I have no particular structure, we are just taking little chunks of things at a time, and I am going to try and do a very small bit each day and hopefully we will remember it!  It’s been a lovely day with them all, and while I sit here typing, Dadda is reading the mini men their bedtime stories in front of a warming fire again.  I am looking forward to our Swedish winter, where we will be mainly keeping warm and cosy, and enjoying a very slow pace of life and lots of log fires 🙂

The Nature Curriculum we use is, “Exploring Nature with Children. A complete, year-long curriculum”. It is a beautifully written framework, written by Raising Little Shoots, and can be found over at It suggests a topic for the week, and then provides some background information and suggestions for nature journaling and outdoor exploring. It also provides a comprehensive suggested reading list (fiction and non-fiction) for each week, plus a poem and a piece of art to study. There are extensions activity ideas too. We use the topic as the theme for our week, and follow the ideas for our journaling, and one fiction book. What we have been doing from the curriculum can be found on our curriculum overview post. The craft, science, maths, and English ideas we have researched ourselves to fit in with the theme 🙂 This makes a learning a lot more nature based.


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