Moving Update No.1

IMG_9168So, as previously mentioned we have now got a removal firm chosen.  The biggest conundrum of all of this, has been what to live in and how to pay for it.  Initially we were going to let our home in the UK, get a rental agreement in Sweden, and then when we were sure we hadn’t made a huge mistake, buy a home in Sweden.  However, the rental market is very small, and it’s a case of who you know, so that idea was quite quickly blown out of the window and replaced by letting our UK home, but buying in Sweden straight away.  Today a spot of luck popped along though.  Someone who is already in Dadda’s prospective work place, emailed him a photo of a notice from the office noticeboard.  It was a 5 bedroomed home near to the area we would eventually buy in (based on the school there) that was going up for rent!  So, we immediately started thinking of other options again.  It is a little way from the school, so we emailed the school and started up communications with them about our children joining (so we now have a starting point and are known to them when we appear on the doorstep) and also asking if this was too far away for our little lady to be accepted into their school (once she starts a school she will remain there, and not be moved twice).  Their response was almost instant and so positive.  In the UK system I am used to dealing with receptionists that are almost as protective about their teachers as doctor surgery receptionist are about their doctors, but in Sweden we seem to be chatting merrily away to the equivalent of the deputy head and head.  Nothing seems like too much trouble either, they are so keen to help you, and provide a wealth of information on each correspondence.  So, Dadda has now messaged the man with the house for rent to see if it is indeed available.  We may still go down the immediate purchase route (as that would avoid 2 house moves) but it has given us more options which is always good.  Plus, we now have contact with the school, who are very helpful, and expecting our little lady in the not so distant future.  Dadda will visit the school again first in person, and then I will go with the little lady (mini men in tow) so she can see the place and look round, and hopefully all three will behave!!  One of the biggest bonuses?  She has a Scandinavian spelt name, and no one will ever get her name spelt wrong again, or pronounce it wrong again at school 🙂  Very exciting times.

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