Moving in Day!!!

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So our things arrived and we are all moved in (all be it surrounded by boxes again!!).  The lorry turned up at about 1300 hours, and the guys were amazing and got on with it all so fast (there were only 2 of them as the lorry only has 2 beds).  Plus they found our location without any difficulties.  The truck was huge!  I was mildly relieved to see there was still a little space left in it once they opened the door.  They were lovely guys, got on with the job, accepted offers of tea and hot chocolate, that I then promptly forgot about for another hour as I’d got side tracked, but did manage to give them a good few times, and they accepted the offer of eating pizza sat at the table with the children, very graciously!  We have managed to get a lot done (although you wouldn’t think looking at the amount left), but this is the first time also that Dadda has been faced with the reality of the sheer amount of boxes there are to sift through.  We had a half hour of blind panic at 8pm (an hour after the twins’ usual bedtime, and one was on his knees already) as we couldn’t locate their bedding –  it was hiding in their sister’s room, under the dual name of Big Sister’s name toys…a label from a previous move, and although I had labelled it boys bedding, when I’d tipped the box on top to look, I’d tipped it the way to see the wrong label.  Annoyingly Dadda found it the first time he checked those boxes (but only after we’d done the rest of the house, garage, and cellar!).

We also had a break through with Välkomsten.  They accepted our rather lengthy email plea that we really did know what we were getting ourselves into already!!  We will see them next Friday for the school nurse form filling (I nearly landed myself a job yesterday admitting my past job history! We’ve also managed to re-book that appointment to go immediately prior to the little lady’s assessment of her schooling background), and then the schooling background part, and they agree it would be best to get her into school asap.  So we are so happy with that.  It means we can concentrate on getting the house straight, carry on enjoying the Swedish wilderness outdoors, and then, hopefully, start grundskola, and förskola 🙂  So, very tired but happy bunnies tonight, and I’m off to bed to rest my back before a mammoth unpacking day again tomorrow – main aim is to straighten the children’s bedrooms out, completely out of boxes, but minus their own curtains (they have blinds), and wall stickers.  So, we shall see how I go…..Godnatt från Sverige!!!




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