More House Searching and “Wedding Jam” Made!

z128So, tonight we go to bed in the middle of a bidding process!!  Today Dadda viewed 2 houses, both we felt pretty positive about.  However, on arrival at the first, his overall impression was it looked tired, and could do with painting, but I think apart from that it was ok.  However, the second one he was in love with in real life as much as I was on the website.  So, with 6 other parties visiting too, the bidding kicked off whilst everyone was there, but the difference today was that somebody, sensibly, started it off way below the asking price.  Swedes don’t do after 5pm, so the bidding has halted for the night, and Dadda has kept his cool (despite me trying to get him to offer everything we own to secure it!) and he will resume the bidding in the morning.  However, we have been told in no uncertain terms that they want at least the asking price for this one, so we shall see.

On the plus side, I have converted our blackberry pickings into “wedding jam”, more commonly known as blackberry jam, and I await the three harshest critics verdicts at breakfast tomorrow morning on their toast!

I’m not sure how great it will be with all my nerves jangling around, but I’m off to try and get some sleep before taking our trio on an adventure tomorrow….keep everything crossed for us with the house bidding in the morning 🙂

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