Midsummer in Sweden – Party with Family and Friends

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Summer seems so far away now, but as I was on a bit of a blogging break at the time, I still have some catching up to do.  Midsummer here is so lovely that I wanted to share it with you 🙂 Midsummer in Sweden comes quickly after the schools finish in mid June, kick-starting the summer holidays with a festive feel.  Everything in nature has suddenly burst into a riot of colour, very fast after the long winter, and the sun doesn’t set in parts of the country.  It is truly a time to celebrate, and celebrate in style.  Although, having chatted to our new friends around our island, it isn’t uncommon to be serving your midsummer meal courses between random rain showers, and indeed it doesn’t seem it would be a true midsummer’s without them, but you MUST still eat outdoors, or else you aren’t really doing it properly!

So, what does a midsummer celebration consist of?  Firstly, towns are deserted and everything is shut….this is a serious business…and everyone heads off into the countryside to party.  So, we embraced our new culture and got immersed in this festival.  We put our best outfits on and headed off to watch a pole being raised (similar to a Maypole in the UK) in a large open space with hundreds of people turning up with their picnics (with of course lots of coffee), to watch the dancing, and to take part too.  Oh, and don’t forget to put a garland of flowers in your hair.

After the dancing, there is some serious eating to be done.  A typical Midsummer menu consists of varying types of pickled herring, boiled potatoes, dill, sour cream, and chives.  This is often followed by some cooked meat or fish, and for dessert there is the famous strawberry cake.  We took the framework of a typical meal and tampered with it slightly!  We had a buffet style lunch going on 🙂 The pickled herring was there, but there was also smoked gammon, shrimps, smoked salmon, warm bread rolls, fresh dill, meatballs, pickled gherkins, boiled eggs, and potato salad.  We then followed this up with a very tasty strawberry cake.  I had followed a Swedish recipe, and I’m now hooked!  I’m not a great fan of creamy cakes like this, but the midsummer one had me re-evaluating my opinions!  It was so tasty and you can find out how to make this delicious strawberry cake .  This was all washed down with beer, wine, aquavit (a very strong spirit with a rather large kick to it!), and home made elderflower cordial for the little people.  Our little gathering would have been rather quiet compared to the Swedes’, who as they drink up enjoy singing songs, and the racier the better…but we don’t know any…..yet!

After your meal, it is time for more dancing…..I think we just laid down and felt a little sick!  The dancing continues on late into the night, and on the way home there is an old folklore, that if girls and women collect 7 different types of flowers and sleep with them under their pillows, that night their future husband will appear to them in their dreams 🙂  I really enjoyed this celebration, and I am looking forward to next year’s knowing a little more what to expect (for instance we shall have a picnic at the Maypole).




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  1. Sofie

    Oh my! This brought back memories from this summer. We also celebrated by Nättraby ån and saw the Axel boat. You must’ve live so close to my parents. We always rent a house at Skillingenäs, every summer! Fun that I found your blog all the way in the US.

    • I’m so pleased you did find the blog!! Yes, we live on an island not too far away from there. So you would have been in the same place as us…how funny 🙂 Hope you like our Swedish adventures!!

      • Sofie

        I am from Sweden, and I think it is so funny how you see my home country. I have a lot of similarities with moving to the US and a new culture. But I still see Sweden as my home! Lived in the us for almost 20 years but I go home every year!

  2. I love the idea of the community getting together and celebrating in this way. All seems so bound up with nature too. #MMBC

  3. Oh this sounds so lovely and so different from anything we do here. It’s nice to have something for the community.
    Lyndsey OHalloran recently posted…Winter Boredom Busters For Toddlers & GiveawayMy Profile

  4. We celebrate mid summer – we are pagans. Beautiful photos lovely x

  5. I really lovely tradition, and a good way to eat cake!!! I use to love doing maypole when I was a child
    Stephanie recently posted…5 Ways to Cosy Up Your HomeMy Profile

  6. Sounds so lovely. I used to ‘do’ the Maypole when I was growing up – at Country fairs – I loved it!

  7. WOW looks beautiful and sounds like a fantastic day, its lovely that it brings everyone together too!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Build-A-Bear Stuffing Station **REVIEW**My Profile

  8. What beautiful pictures! I have heard so many positive things about Sweden, I’d love to visit one day.

  9. I love reading about traditions in other countries. It sounds like quite a feast you had and that’s a cute story about the flowers

  10. Visually it’s such a beautiful festival. My Swedish friends look like they’ve gone back in time to a fresh, invigorating era when I see their Midsummer pics. Lovely.

  11. I like the sound of a countryside party. Would love to experience that.

  12. It does look just like a Maypole that you are dancing around. Love hearing about your Swedish holidays x
    Baby Isabella recently posted…My Wonder at Winter Wonderland 2017, Hyde ParkMy Profile

  13. Love that the kids break up in June and it sounds like a great festival to celebrate
    Kara recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 26th November 2017My Profile

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