Marshmallows and Champagne

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If you’ve been following us for a while, you may realise by now, one of our trio’s favourite things is to toast marshmallows on an open fire.  So after clearing out the garage and doing a trip to the tip (today’s moving abroad mission) we rediscovered the remainder of the wood from our camping trip, and having been given a lovely bottle of Champagne by some close friends, we decided that this would be a lovely way to celebrate Dadda’s new job before he left the UK (plus the weather is due to turn, so eking out the last of the summer vibe!).

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The little lady and I cycled off to get our mini men from pre-school, while Dadda cycled off to source chippy chips.  Once we had met up we proceeded like a family of ducks and ducklings down towards the beach….little lady cycles off first, followed by mini man no.1 on his scooter, followed by mini man no.2 on his scooter, followed by us 2 on our bikes.  I am quite strict about order, and using the same one every time.  This avoids us taking up the whole pavement width, means that the front person stops at every junction (I’m still not entirely sure the twins concentrate enough to do this), plus it tends to cut the number of RTA’s we cause each other by at least half :-)!!!

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We ate far too many yummy chips, and then we lit the fire for our pudding.  We met the grandparents down there too, to give them the double treat of toasting marshmallows and going home stinking of smoke!  It was all washed down with our lovely gift, which makes the cycling back home again so much more laid back.  The sun was setting, the fire was warming our toes (a little bit too much when a spark leapt out onto Dadda’s foot), and we were all happy and relaxed.  I was reluctant to head back, but it is always better to do so before the inevitable tired meltdowns, and remember the day positively!


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