Light and Dark

img_0759It is now very dark here….It gets light just after 0800, and is dark around 1530, and because there isn’t a lot of traffic or lights, the dark is very dark.  So, we have reasoned about the early appearance of all the festive outdoor and window lights, that this might be the Swede’s way of cheering themselves up.  They love candles, window lights, and lamps which all make a home even more snug and cosy, but it seems outdoor lights help this too.  So, to not miss out, we have adorned our home today.  The Christmassy Christmas decorations are still firmly in the cellar, but I love the way the lights look on and in our new Swedish home.  It’s involved investing in quite a few more outdoor lights (we have three balcony areas), and a number more window candle lights (we had one set, and it seems you need a minimum one set per window here….so we now have four sets….spare room looking out down the road, landing, and 2 in our large living area windows).  we love it!!  On a wooden house in the dark, they look so pretty 🙂  Plus we now have our first UK lampshade finally installed too…we’ve done some Del boy DIY and are finally are tackling the last remaining interior job after moving.

img_0758 img_0756 img_0755 img_0754

img_0733The boys and I had a really busy morning today.  I finally got my Swedish ID card, but this involved an hours queuing in the tax office in town, and then some very rushed shopping, before heading back for an even more rushed lunch, before we had to collect big sister from school at 1pm.  We were feeling a little weary after all that, so with it being quite mild, wind free, and sunny, we decided to pack the kelly kettle, and head down to the beach (the best place for learning and home ed is definitely in nature) with the nets and buckets for their first outing since moving.  It was so calm and peaceful, it felt very restorative.  The children had a good play with the sand (having lived by a shingle beach all their lives they are enjoying a change of beach type), they fished, and caught a number of transparent things, and they played in the water and on the rocks.  We had a great fire going for the kettle, and with our warm squash, we toasted some marshmallows and wedged them between two pepparkakor (yummy Swedish biscuits), followed up with a cinnamon bun 🙂  It was very relaxing and the children were very happy.  All helped of course by an extremely stunning view!

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