Last Forest School, and More Goodbyes.

img_9681Everyday now seems to hold some goodbyes for us, to friends that have played very special roles in our lives (but hoping only temporary goodbyes).  Today was a lovely (rainy) walk with my close friend and fellow twin mummy (and her scrummy 13 week old puppy).  She was such a help and support in the early days of having twins, and then became a good friend who we enjoyed many a dog walk with, shared advice on anything to do with anything, and I even taught her how to drink like a Norwegian 😉  After our rainy walk, and a picnic in the rain, she headed home and we headed off back into the woods for forest school, which was to be our last one.  Today was like pre moving days, I had the children outside in nature, regardless of the yukky weather, for around 5 hours, and their mood was much better for it.

img_9691 img_9686 img_9685  There was lots going on again today.  We didn’t have time to do everything,   but all three did quite a bit.  One of the activities was tie dying with natural colours.  So a pan of hot water, blackberries, and vinegar was heated up on the fire. Then you took a square of material, and put elastics round it in whatever formation you fancied.  They stewed in the pan for a while before being fished out, cooled off in a bowl of cold water, and released from theirs bands, to produce a very effective purple tie dyed material – very pretty.  The children also chose to do some weaving.  They tried first on a make shift loom, made on trees with string, using different resources and everyone adding to it, so it looked really nice, and also they tried with sticks.  All three were riveted.  The boys let me do most of theirs, but our little lady was addicted, and made three.  It was a very calming activity, and we all enjoyed sitting there watching the patterns take shape.  The third and final activity my trio did was making a wind sock.  They weaved willow branches into a circle, and then added various colours and lengths of streamers to them to blow in the wind.  We have loved forest school, and I am so please our little lady got to do it as well, after the twins starting the preschool one way back in January.  It has been an eye opener for all of us, and has given me confidence to do things with the children on my own too.  I’d thoroughly recommend it.  It gives children new skills, gives them confidence, boosts their creativity, helps them learn, gets them in touch with and enjoying nature, and gets them outside in the great outdoors.

img_9680 img_9679 img_9678

After forest school we drove home to visit some more friends.  This was another fellow twin mummy, whose boy/girl twins are only a few months younger than ours, and our elder sibling daughters danced together.  Our twins also went to the same pre school, and mini man no.2 wants to marry her girl twin, and my mini man no.2 is her girl twin’s prince – aaahhhhhh.  So we headed over for lots of fun playing and a yummy suppertime.  All these mummies are just as important friends to me too, as are their little people our to my three, so I am saying goodbye to my friends too.  It’s all very emotional, but highly exciting 🙂


Peeling his hazel stick for toasting marshmallows on the fire


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  1. Lovely to see you all today, but is so exciting to wave you off on your dream. I got firmly told by little lady…..I said ‘I’ll have a hot chocolate as it’s my last one with you’ she promptly said ‘NO it’s not your LAST one, we’re see you again’ to whigh I said of course we will!

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