Lapping Waves, Packing, House Viewing, more Goodbyes.

img_9614This morning’s packing task was to start on the kitchen, and as much as I have been trying to keep packing boxes out of the house for viewings, they have now started creeping into the rooms, as they are too heavy to carry and the garage is now bursting! I have also organised the collection of Dadda’s car to go for scrap the day before we leave.  So that is another job ticked off.  After an early lunch, and before trying to get back to tidy the house for a viewing while we are out at swimming lessons, we went down to the beach.  The weather is a bit more chilly today, but the sun was still shining, there was very little breeze down there, and the sea was calm.  It was lovely listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shoreline gently.  It restored some calm.  We took our kettle down again (as soon that will be disappearing into a box), and enjoyed hot drinks from it.  I played with fire while the three little people did some rock scrambling, got a few grazes, and then had a lie down on the shingle.

img_9610 img_9612 img_9615

So today we have our first house viewing and I am crossing everything, as from tomorrow items such as curtains and pictures come down, and more boxes will appear in the house.  Whilst it would be narrow minded of viewers not to see past these things, it is always easier to visualise space and size when it isn’t crammed with large boxes or looking tired and drab because the soft furnishings are missing!  Tonight I am off to the pub with my lovely group of Mummy friends, although we will be down one member (who we will miss being there a lot, and are all thinking of her).  It’s probably the last time we will all be together and it will be lovely to have a few goodbye drinks with them.

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