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img_0772 img_0773 img_0774 img_0783 img_0784This morning was beautiful and freezing.  So the mini men and I headed off into the great outdoors, planning to pick up fresh fish on the way home for lunch.  We usually wait for our little lady to finish school so we all get a dose of fresh air, but it is nice knowing that she will have spent a lot of her morning outside already, and with a bit of maths and English to catch up on before mini man no.1’s ballet lesson, I knew we would be home based this afternoon.  We had a small short wander around the beach peninsula before playing on the swings.  We then headed off in the hunt for fish.  We are lucky on our island, that quite a few small fishing boats head out and get good catches.  Some of this is then sold from a hut in the harbour.  What is on sale, depends on what they have caught, but I am determined after the boys eating asparagus soup at nursery, that I am going to try them on more things more often.  Especially if that is the way the locals are eating….funnily enough I’m not having any problems with the kanelbulle tasting!!  Once the lady had chatted to us and realised we were English, she asked if we had a daughter too in year 2, and I said yes, and she said her daughter was in the same class, and the whole class had been so excited about the girl that could only speak English coming!

Once we were done with the home ed, we headed off into town, stopping at systembolaget to stock up on alcohol for the grandparents’ visit next week.  Our little lady was mortified by how I was loading the trolley up (three boxes of red wine and a 24 crate of beer), and said “Mamma you can’t buy that much!”.  I reassured her as apparently the Swedish have a special word for bulk buying alcohol as this is the most common way of doing it, as the shop can often be quite a way away!!   So a quite laid back Swedish kind of day!!


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