How Not to Plan a Day with Children…But Needs Must!

img_0280Today was a day planned around necessity, not enjoyment, unfortunately, but we did manage to end on a high.  When you move anywhere there is a lot of paperwork and admin that needs doing, but when you move country this increases quite a lot.  Last week I chatted about the system for integrating immigrants, and more specifically the process of getting our little lady into school, and how we were trying to avoid the long drawn out process.  Well, her appointments were today, which meant heading off our little island into the city, so we tied it in with quite a few other administration jobs as it’s a bit of a drive.  It was barely getting light at 0800 and we were driving off mid high winds storm over our little bridge, to tackle the first job on our list….household item shopping.  The list consisted of such exciting items as shower curtain, lampshades, ash bucket, door mats, a radiator key, a clothes dryer, and a few other things along those lines.  Super fast intensive shopping done, and it was time to head off to our little lady’s first appointment with the school nurse in charge of the county.  We transferred her information from her red book, did her height and weight, hearing and sight, and checked her spine (all giving me quite a bit of deja vu!), and after she’d declared on questioning she’d like to be a hair dresser when she grew up, it was time to move onto her academic assessment with one very puzzled mother (never having heard this life ambition before as things generally revolve around dance with her), where so confirmed this ambition.  I’m sure by next week it’ll be a different dream that bears no relation to anything she takes an interest in!  The poor mini men were just dragged around these necessary appointments, and by 1030 their patience was waning and I had to crack open the packed lunches!!!  With them stuffing their faces with early cheese sandwiches, grapes, and cake, our little lady plodded on doing some maths and literacy, and helping a chap fill out his questionnaires to establish where she was compared to her age group in Sweden….he was asking her if she’d heard about metres, centimetres, kilograms, litres etc, and was quite shocked to find out even my generation had been taught these measurements in school!!  I think he thought she was coming at him with yards and feet in her vocab!  The cheek of it too when we suddenly realised buying a car, that the total mileage of the vehicle was not only not in miles (not really a surprise), or even in kilometres, which is their measure of distance, but in Swedish miles….apparently this equates to 10 km!!  The man was clearly not impressed with us wanting to fast track three weeks into 1 appointment, but when we left an hour and half later, three fed up children, and everything signed off with the green light for school, I was happy I hadn’t spent every Friday morning for the next three weeks driving an hours round trip to bring three fed up children back home!!  Unfortunately for them though that wasn’t the end of the fed up-ness.

Next on the list of tasks was the tax office.  I had received my personal number so now I needed to apply for my Swedish ID card.  So we took a ticket and then proceeded to wait for 50 minutes (which is not our strongest talent!!).  Terrible photo done and paperwork signed, I dragged them off to the bank to open my Swedish bank account.  This was by now making us all flag, so by the time we reached mini man no.1’s ballet lesson, and more sandwiches later, we were all truly fed up!!  It was all necessary, and hopefully will not need to be repeated now that important stuff is done.

After we headed home, it was face time with the grandparents, followed by our little lady having a lovely hour with another little bestie on face time, so she did go to bed happy and relaxed after a rather hideous day!!  Tomorrow will be lots more fun for all I am sure!!


In Scandinavia we use a cheese slicer to slice cheese. This is something I grew up with as have all three of our children. However, today our little lady was tickled pink to find a toy cheese that had a peel off bit that was a slice, as if the cheese slicer had been used!!!

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