House Hunting.

z182Late into last night Dadda and I sat up trying to organise house viewings and find homes to view, having exhausted most options in a county sized area.  We were first headed for what would be Dadda’s third viewing of a house in the right location, but that was just about all it had going for it, then a lovely house all perfect, top of budget and completely out of the area for buses (for dadda’s work) and the school we’d chosen, and then lastly a charming looking little home, that would need some extension work doing, but well under budget.  All three areas were different too.  First one was in the town, second one was an island coastal location, and the third one was deep in the Swedish woods.

Off we set to look at the first one with my printed out floor plan completely scribbled over, rehashed and redesigned.  We went around knocking and banging on walls seeing if this could work for us.  However, despite the vendors having trouble shifting it, they were adamant they would only settle for a little under the asking price, and it was in a terrible condition.  This would not leave us with enough left over to completely overhaul it, as well as summoning up the energy to do that in a foreign country with three little people.

z181 z180


A new school for our little lady???

z184Next was a home that was gorgeous, beautiful, with huge grounds, but not in the area near the school we’d chosen.  It’s also on an island, so both coastal and woody, on the island of Hasslö, and Dadda works in Karlskrona.  We got there early to take a peek at the school that is from age 7-13, and only has 137 pupils, but about as much land as our little ladies old infants and juniors put together, maybe more.  Their ethos is completely highlighting the point why we are moving to Sweden.  “There is a room to just be”….”Children should have the opportunity to develop their motor skills, creativity, and imagination in the free game, which is central to their development”.  Anyway, the house was beautiful, leaving us with a difficult decision about change of area, needing a second car, and spending everything we have and more!!  The best part though was the vendors were happy to sell without an open bid providing we offered the asking price…finally we might be in with a chance.

z179The last house we viewed was the one that we were looking to squeeze into, very under budget, but extend it half its size again.  It looked beautiful in the details, and very rural, in the wooded countryside.  However, on arrival we discovered walls didn’t meet door frames, floors didn’t meet room joins, and we could see the insulation because the finish was so bad.  This was a huge disappointment as we were relying on the bit  that was there already being perfect so we could spend our funds on extending.  Also, this house had had its open day and bidding chance (no one got near the asking price), so we thought we’d got a special viewing.  Then onto the drive came three other cars signalling another bidding war!  So back we went discussing our options.

Its been a long emotional day, but we do at least think we’ve made some headway and found some possibilities.

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