House for Let, Van Gone, and The Harvest Moon.

img_9589Our days have rapidly become a muddle of home education and frantic moving admin.  I set up our little lady with her maths and english this morning, and disappeared to do today’s packing task…our suitcases (self led learning at its best in this household at the moment, and she is doing well figuring it out for herself).  At some point in the midst of all of that our house went live on the estate agents website, and we already have a viewing booked for Friday.  It’s quite hard to pack a house to move, have three children in it 24/7 trying to let them have a “normal” routine, and keep it tidy.  You know that place you get to when you are trying to sort things out and rooms get a lot worse and untidy before they get better?  Well, we seem to be in that space a lot of the time, then the estate agent calls and it’s like your mum telling you to tidy your room –  everything gets shoved in any old cupboard or draw!  It makes things a little complicated later when you can’t find what you are looking for 🙂 At lunchtime we disappeared into town to a prearranged meeting place at a bank for the transfer of funds and the handing over of the van 🙁 Within an hour Dadda had the money in Sweden, and is now booking cars to view at the weekend so he can collect us from the airport when we arrive.  He’s had big progress today as well getting his Swedish identity card, which means he will finally have access to such things as debit cards for the Swedish bank account (very useful), and internet banking (extremely handy when your bank opens only for 3 hours a day, and you are transferring money to estate agents and car shops).

When we returned from town, we dived back into our harvest moon topic (I think this weeks specific nature walk may not happen as dusk is permanently cloudy!).  Today my little lady and I wrote a Haiku poem together (as above).  It’s a form of poetry from Japan, that is usually about nature.  It doesn’t need to rhyme (fantastic for me) and has a pattern of line 1 being 5 syllables, line 2 being 7, and line 3 being 5 syllables again.  So between us we managed to create something. We also looked at the piece of artwork for the week, The Harvest Moon by George Mason, and had a chat about what was happening in the painting.  Another extension activity was to look at myths about the moon.  We started with one I love about the moon being made out of cheese, and went on to discuss the Greek and Roman mythology, as well as werewolves.

img_9590For our last little activity of the day, we did a task from our nature in a nutshell book.  It was called cherry soak.  We popped some cherries into water and waited 5 minutes.  After which the skins started to split.  We learnt that the cherry skins have tiny holes that allow water to enter, but not let much water out.  Therefore the pressure builds up and splits the skin.  Usually it is a good mechanism for the cherry as it keeps water close to the seed, but when immersed in water, it causes the skin to split.

So another busy day, but again big steps forward in completing tasks and moving forward in the plan to move to Sweden.  The day finished with our little lady heading off to her final choir practise, and receiving a lovely goodbye card from them.

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