Gymnastics, House Visit, Woods, and Ski Slopes.

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Saturday morning saw us all head off to the mini men’s first taste of their new gymnastics sessions.  They were both very excited about this.  It was the first thing mini man no.2 would try out, and wasn’t so worrying for us grown ups as we could sit inside the gymnasium and watch this session.  So, off we all toddled for a bit of moral support.  They had a fantastic time, and the girls running the session were really good with them.  It was quite a large group of children their age, and they started with a lot of running games to warm up.  Then they did a few stretching games to learn some stretching basics, followed by around 40mins of a basic circuit, with a break half way through for a snack and a drink.  They jumped from a horse onto the trampette and onto a mat, they did an aided plank position, they climbed up onto a horse, swung on the rings, and then dropped onto their bottoms, they went along a beam in a sideways monkey bar manoeuvre, they did burpee jumps over a bench, then they did an aided handstand exercise, and lastly a roll tuck down a sloped padded foam slope.  So lots of happy fun and exercise was had by both.

After they had finished, we headed over to the new home which will be ours on Monday, to learn a few things from the current owners.  For example, heating and water systems, the log fire burner, where things are, and just how things work generally….and to my joy, in the brand new kitchen, they already had a great rubbish sorting system in place!  The children were thrilled and very excited as it was their first time in the house, and had a lot of investigating to do.  They liked their rooms, they liked the house, one trialled the loo, and then they released a lot of energy running around the garden.  After we had done that, and been reassured by the owner that everyone is really nice on the island, and there is a real sense of community, and people will help us settle in (so much so that their friend will be our little lady’s new school teacher!), it was lunchtime, so we decided to investigate the island’s restaurant/pub/bakery/cake shop/sweet shop/cafe, and have lunch.  A massive pizza, three big traditional Swedish cakes, a coffee and a Swedish beer (for us, not the children!) and a playtime later, we headed back to our stuga very excited about our new life and home-to-be from Wednesday, and wanting to move in straight away!

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Sunday saw us getting Dadda out in the great outdoors to show him where we had been exploring in the week.  We went into the woods behind our stuga but walked a little further this time to show the children the downhill ski slope, which they ran down and back up again, twice (!), mid 2 hour walk!!!  Crazy things.  This down hill slope has a right angled turn mid slope so it should be quite an interesting place come the winter!!  It was a long steep run down, and all three were getting quite giddy about the fact that there might be a chance to ski in the winter (us grown ups are now crossing our fingers that snow appears! If not, we only need travel a couple of hours north where the snow is more guaranteed).  So we had another morning out in the Swedish countryside.  After lunch we headed off to look at furniture shops.  We are going to pop the twins into a room together in the new house, therefore we will have a spare room as we hope people, especially the grandparents, will be out to stay.  We went on a recce for a double sofa bed for our spare room.  While we were out we took advantage of Dadda driving so I could have a good look around at what shops are where, so I can begin to get things when we need them, other than food!


You can just see a tiny blue blob running down the pathway, just before the 90 degree right turn!! It gives a little perspective, but it looked a lot steeper!!

When we got home, things were beginning to get exciting as I needed to pack 3 suitcases (well pack is a very loose term, more like throw things in!).  Tomorrow, we exchange all the money on our new home, and then we are going to head over to it to do a few jobs; hang the central light fitting cables we have bought (in Sweden you take these with you when you move), measure some dimensions so we have a rough idea where we are asking removal men to put things without changing our minds too many times, install locks on the medicine and cleaning products cupboards, take the fire extinguisher over, plus these three cases.  We have 6 cases in total between us, and we aren’t going to get them all in the car in one go, hence packing as much as could tonight, to take with us tomorrow.  It’s all getting very exciting though now, and I can’t wait to be back on the island tomorrow.  Our little lady also has her first Swedish ballet lesson in the afternoon as well, so there is a lot happening tomorrow.  Just have to get through the first bit at the estate agents without the children taking his office apart too much!


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