Goodbye For Now….Taking a Break From Blogging

Over the last 15 months of writing this blog, life has changed dramatically for me and my little family.  The reason for starting blogging was to document our home schooling journey, that then became a following of our dreams journey, to now settling down to living abroad and embracing a new culture.  I have loved writing and I have loved having the blog, but in the last few weeks something has shifted.

Originally it was a diary to inspire others, but I’ve got caught up in the whole stats and numbers thing, and wanting to be read.  I think it stems from trying to get your blog “out there”.  There is so much competition and so much background work that needs to be done, I felt that I am always on the alert to make sure that a link up is made before the dead line, or the comments are submitted before closure.  There have also been a few personal things going on in the background too that make me feel I need to take a break and concentrate on my young family, instead of where the next post is coming from.  I hate being online, and yet if I don’t reply or comment on various platforms, algorithms ensure your material doesn’t appear…cruel but it is reality.  So I feel this is all dictating our days that are about living in the moment, and being immersed in the outdoors and nature….all a little bit of a contradiction and it’s been eating away at me.  So, I guess, what I am trying to say is, I am in no way clear aboutwhere I go from here, so over the summer I will take a break, and see how it affects our daily life.  In the meantime, I shall spend my daylight hours running after three very energetic children, exploring Sweden, and being company for my husband in the evenings!!  After the Swedish summer break is up (which starts mid June and finishes at the end of August), I shall decide whether I either missed it, or it just wasn’t for us 🙂  I will decide whether to continue blogging or leave it.  I will keep the Instagram account going for now, that will tell the story of our journey in pictures, as I know a lot of my little lady’s friends will like to see what she’s up to..and hoping mine too 😉  xxxxxxxx

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  1. Be sad to see you not posting, but 100% understand those feelings. Blogging takes over your life! I hope you have a great summer, enjoy it xx

  2. Hi Sonia, I can understand your feelings on this matter. For me sad as I enjoy reading about people and life in the country I love, and keeping up with what you’re doing with your mini people. But you understand your priorities better than anyone else, so I wish you well over these summer months (or as a Swedish friend once said to me “our green winter”!) and hopefully you’ll be back with tales of your summer.
    Our love to you all,
    PS If you’re back in the UK at any time we’d loved to see you and your family.

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  3. I don’t know you, but I have been reading your blog as part of deciding whether to homeschool (in the UK). We haven’t taken the plunge yet, but I have used lots of your ideas for home-based activities as I have similar aged children to your twins and we love the outdoors. Coincidentally, we are now likely to be facing a move overseas (to South Africa) so your example has been really positive. Thanks very much.

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