Garage Day Today!!

img_0233 img_0234Today was the day to unpack the garage boxes which mainly consisted of sledges (going to be used a lot more here I hope than where we’ve come from), “stuff” that you never know when you might need from our van to be moved into the car, outdoor toys, bikes, and gardening things.  For the first time in a week (and since we have moved in) the rain stopped, and the sun shone… it’ll be no surprise I turfed the trio outdoors to get to know their huge outdoor space for three hours while I unpacked the garage.  I had also intended to rake leaves and start tidying the garden, but I think I’d been a little over ambitious in my planning and only just managed to complete the garage.  The children had a blast out there.  They can actually ride bikes round the garden, and pedal their little tractor.  We found the mini cones and football we used to keep in the van for when we went out somewhere, and they set up 2 goals and played something resembling football, because there is so much space!  They can use a ball in the garden now too which is a novelty.  They love weaving their way around the various bushes dotted all over the lawn and hiding from each other.  There is so much going on for them.  They had their sand pit brought over in the move, but there is also one in the ground here we hadn’t spotted when we looked round, and they also rediscovered their hammers and nails and busied themselves in the sunshine.

img_0241 img_0238

After lunch I shelved more sorting ideas in favour for getting a sunny walk around our end of the island as the sea is just at the bottom of the road, so we went for a little potter in the Autumn sunshine, before heading back for a mammoth play-doh session.  Our little lady headed off to Sjöscoutkåren dressed as a brownie, having finally found her uniform, to show her little friends what she would have worn in the UK.  By the sounds of it they had a lot of questions to ask her and were curious about what it was all about.

img_0247 img_0246


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