Förskola Familiarisation.

img_0713Our mini men have their förskola familiarisation this week.  They did one hour today, they will do 2 tomorrow, and then 3.5 on Thursday, all with me there.  They were so excited to finally get going after us talking about it, seeing it up the road from us, and their big sister getting on with her life at school.  We turned up and all the little people there were so excited to see them, they were literally bouncing off the walls with excitement!  They had learnt to count to 5 in English that morning to show them, and kept running up to them and then getting shy and running away.  However, all through the morning, the other children made them feel very welcome.  This mainly came via gifts…little things they’d make and then gave to our boys.  Things made from mini polystyrene balls and pipe cleaners, or lolly pop sticks and glue etc.  One boy (who the lady said never draws, and doesn’t like to draw), sat down with a pot of felt tips and and drew them a picture!!  They had a blast for an hour and didn’t want to go home.  They played with various toys, discovered there was sellotape and scissors you could just help yourself too (the world is now complete!), and discovered they had their own drawer which they then started to make things to fill it with.  They didn’t really need me, but I did discover I could buy fresh fish in the harbour most days, and their Facebook page so I could see the times it was open 🙂  There is much more space than they are used to, having four big rooms and a garden/outdoor space to use as well, plus a huge area for coats…..there are a lot of layers in the winter!  They get to use the sports hall every Monday morning, and go to the library in the afternoon.  They are so pleased with it all.

img_0710 img_0709

Our little lady is settling in so well, we are so proud of her too, although we did have our first little hiccup today, and it is a terribly British one.  They have to shower after sports….but in a typically Swedish fashion, this is all communal and starkers!  Still recovering from her experience at the swimming pool changing rooms a few weeks ago where everyone just strutted around the open changing room happily naked, she isn’t very happy about this.  Her teacher has been so understanding.  We had a little giggle about us being so English, and then worked out a plan, as I think their attitude to body image is a lot healthier and less taboo than ours.  For now, she will just get used to the idea of showering after sports, being let out 5 minutes before everyone else to make a start on it, then gradually as she becomes more used to the situation of changing together, they will integrate her more.  Other than that, all is well in her world too, especially as this afternoon I have finally ordered a portable tap dancing mat, meaning I can finally start teaching her, taking her lessons up again where she left off in her dance school in the UK (tap dancing isn’t really a thing here, but we are keeping it going as she enjoys it).


Our little lady’s school


Heading down the road from school with our home at the end!!


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