Feeling Like Christmas is Coming!!

So we have finally decorated the inside of our home to match the sparkly, twinkly, lights outside, and it feels like Christmas is on its way 🙂  I love Christmas, and still wake up first, even before my mad three early rising children, on Christmas Day!  We have had a lovely weekend, decorating the house at a leisurely pace, enjoying our own company, and a little face decorating too (which was a big step for mini man no.2 who’s never entertained any mess on his face, and decided to have his first ever first paint).

In amongst all this we have also booked a flying trip back to the UK for a week late springtime, to catch up with friends and family (one set of grandparents is unable to travel at the moment)…..judging by how the week has filled up, we will need to return to our calm, remote, gentle lifestyle to recover for a few months!  This coming week, we will be getting a little more festive in our home ed, and becoming more immersed in Swedish culture with the event of St. Lucia celebration….although my courage has deserted me to try and make a vegan, gluten free version of the saffron buns (lussekatter), for Dadda, especially after spending 20 minutes in the flour isle of the supermarket and coming out non the wiser….one of my less brilliant moments since moving countries!  If you are not signed up to the blog to receive regular updates and want to see how our home education journey continues after moving country, sign up at www.mammasschool.co.uk 🙂

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