Enjoying the Snowy White Stuff That Comes With Living in Sweden :-)

It’s been snowing continuously for 2 days, and looks like continuing for another 2 without stopping.  So what do you do in Sweden on a days when all this snow tumbles out of the sky? You go outdoors and fully immerse yourself in it.  One big reason for moving to Sweden was to fully experience four seasons in a year.  Cold winters, snow, the lot!  We awoke this morning to it now coming above the doorstep, and when your door opens outwards, opening the door involves trying to push the snow away to get out!  I cleared the path twice this morning.  I then gave up as it was more or less instantly covered again.

First was the school run this morning, and with all the sticks under snow, the mini men just carried snowballs…as you do!!  These 2 lovely snowballs were made in the garden before we left.  They were then lovingly carried all the way to school and home again!  Once school finished at lunchtime (note no school closure for snow in Sweden!!) we headed out for a sledge.  Usually my trio would have made about five snowmen too by now, but the wind is making the cold temperature feel even lower.  It was also stinging a little, so sledging was enough of an adventure today.  They have left snowmen fun for another day.

I went down a few times with them, but that is quite difficult.  With four of us going in random directions all at the same time, I had to try not to take out one of my own children.  I would then also run the risk of being blamed for ruining their sledging!!  We lasted about 45 minutes, before we started back through the snowy peaceful woods on our 15 minute walk home.

It is so nice to be connecting the children to nature and the seasons by having the opportunity to do activities like this now here in Sweden.  Their experience of weather conditions is broadening, and they are learning to handle them and have fun in them.  They are addicted to the white stuff and will play for hours in it until gloves are soaked through, and toes are going numb.



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  1. Oh wow!! I would love to experience this much snow. It looks so much fun xxx

  2. Oh, this looks amazing! We have had no snow at all here in Cardiff for about four years, so I loved seeing these photos. Amazing how other countries are so well equipped to deal with extreme weather conditions. but here in the UK we just can’t cope with it!

  3. send some over this way! I love snow but we don’t get much over here. Would love to get the kids skiing at some point 🙂

  4. So so jealous of all that snow! We get none where we live!

  5. Such fun! As I’m writing this we are driving through snow flurries and the kids are so excited by that!!! A little dusting!

  6. I love the photo of you all laying in the snow together- it is brilliant! All the pictures are lovely, such a gorgeous thick layer of snow to play in, and it sounds like you had so much fun! I love the way you describe being outdoors in nature, you write so well, and I totally relate 🙂 Katie x

  7. Wow what an amazing experience. That is what you call proper snow! I’d love to sled in really deep snow one day. It looks so beautiful and sounds like you all had a fun time. Go Sweden for not shutting school on a snow day! x

  8. Oh wow! I love it. I wish we had more snow. So so jealous.

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