Day of Uninterrupted Packing & Goodbye to Brownies

img_9705I have now got to the point where I am surrounded by boxes, and for the first time really feeling like I am living in a dusty pigsty! This is mainly due to our wardrobes being dismantled today, and where they were so horribly dirty, but equally there is no room to hoover, or no point until the removal men have traipsed everything out.  I did, however, get a whole day of packing done uninterrupted, due to the grandparents kindly taking the trio off for the day.  I was doing OK, but I feel a little more on top of things now, and that I might actually get everything packed.

img_9704 img_9703

Tonight’s goodbyes was our little lady leaving brownies.  She’s been in her unit for 18 months, has loved it, swallowed the badge book, and now has a full sash to show for her enthusiasm!  We are hoping to find her a British Guides in Foreign Country unit (BGIFC) near us that is a brownie unit, but I shall wait until we have moved and then register her move on the girl guiding website.  For now though, I feel like I have rolled in a dust pile, need a clean up, and am pooped and very hungry from packing and lifting!!!

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