Day of Travelling.

IMG_9155So after a bit of a drive to the airport, a delayed flight which could have arrived by the time it took off, and then Dadda coming to my rescue in a hire car (we knew by the time I took off I’d missed two trains), I have finally arrived at his little bedsit he is staying in while he works in Sweden, we live in the UK and are desperately looking for a family home.  Tonight we are putting together a rather hectic schedule of house viewings.  Everything from big houses that don’t flow so need walls taking down, other walls putting up, and new kitchen and bathrooms etc to houses that are a little too small but have potential to extend and are well within our price range, to a home that is spot on perfection but the starting price is at our top limit…..then there are the bidding wars to consider.  Plus these lovely people are very laid back, whereas, we will be laid back eventually, but our house search has a certain frantic urgency to it…that and we can see we are running out of homes to view (there are probably the same amount of houses for sale here in the county area as there are in our small town where we live in the UK). So, I am very excited, but anxious to return home with some positive news for our little people on Friday…….

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