Day of Travelling- A Story in Pictures.

So, I have finally won the battle between router and human, and we have some photos of our life changing outing yesterday 🙂


Arriving at Gatwick, after the first part of the adventure in a minibus taxi. We got many comments about our luggage volume from fellow travellers! Three children, four cases, three car seats, and four rucksacks for hand luggage!!


The Norwegian airways plane that for some reason had windows that didn’t open, much to both twins consternation!


My little lady taking the big move in her stride, heading off the plane into Denmark


The new family car – very Swedish!


I never thought about getting the cases in the car at the other end!! Luckily all of it squeezed in, and Dadda had thought ahead and left his 2 under his desk at work, having moved out of his accommodation.


The main criteria for buying the car was getting all three car seats in across the back. Choice is a little limited here on a budget, but we did it. Can’t wait for her to grow the 2cm left until she no longer needs a seat and it will be a lot easier in the back!


Our lovely, old, and authentic Swedish hut (although thankfully the loo has now been moved indoors!) that we will be calling home for the next 2 weeks while our possessions catch up with us. We’ve rented this holiday place so we could get out here a bit quicker and be back with Dadda faster 🙂


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