Day 2 of Förskola

Today, the three of us headed back to förskola for two hours this time.  The boys were so keen to get there, and definitely not keen to come home, with mini man no.1 having a bit of a melt down about coming home!  We had a little play indoors first.  The boys found there were hammers and nails for indoors and thought this was fantastic and got hammering away, as well as doing something very involved with magnets.  Then it was snack time, and there was fresh fruit on a plate, all the children sat very nicely in a ring, and then one at a time, they were invited to take a piece of fruit, via an amusing invitation, until every child had been twice.  The children are left to be children, and emphasis is on free play.  But they are also allowed to be energetic, noisy if they want to be, or fast and furious.  They are accepted for who they are and allowed to be that way.  However, there are certain times of the day, like snack times and meal times, when a little discipline, quiet, and calm is called for, and to sit nicely.  They respond really well to these times as they are only very short and not very often, and the rest of the time they can be left to behave as children.  This also means that children don’t spend their entire day in a pressure cooker of needing to be calm and quiet all the time, and so are much happier in themselves.  We also learnt that a little girl had been eating her breakfast at home this morning, when she’d looked out the window and there was a moose on the lawn!  So, we look forward to meeting him.  She was most disgusted as it had been eating the remaining apples from the tree and ground!!

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After snack it was time to head out and play, and all the children got fully dressed up in just the same way as mine, which is nice not being different and everyone is chucking them out in full outer gear in every weather condition!  The twins had an absolute blast.  They found some bikes that you could add a number of various trailers to, and give rides to each other as well.  There is so much outdoor space.  There is a playground sized area with a wooden car, wooden house, and some springy see-saw animals, as well as a sandpit.  Then there is another playground sized area with a slide/climbing combination and another sandpit. Then there is a huge grassy area with paths weaving around for using things such as bikes and scooters on, also with swings in too.  That area is about the size of half a football pitch.  It is clear that the emphasis really is on the outdoors with all that space designated for it, and having read so much about their attitude to the outdoors with their children, it was nice to see it and experience it.  While my 2 were besotted with these tricycles and trailers, there were a couple of children climbing a few trees, and others busying themselves in other activities as well.  Children were allowed to ride fast and furious and fall off, or in mini man no.2’s case crash straight into the fence at top speed down the hill, but he didn’t do it a second time!!  We have finally found the environment that lets our children be children, doesn’t make them conform to a stereotype or a stereotypical behaviour, lets them takes risks, and lets them learn from those risks.  Our three are clearly having a lot of fun here, and I hope the boys will be just as happy and settled when it comes to leaving them there next week.  They now have to wait until Thursday to return, doing 3.5 hours, and getting to eat lunch there too 🙂

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