I have just had all the photos developed that I have taken since April, which is when our little lady left school, and I can’t quite believe how much we’ve done, how many places we have been, or the huge amount of fun we have all had together!!!  What an amazing reminder….except I am now writing places and dates on very many hundreds of photos to put in the albums :-)!!!!!


Cave Visiting and Bid, Bid, Bid!


Bidding is Paused…..


  1. Developed? Is that some arcane magic that traps the world on paper?!

    Microsoft OneDrive 1TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription, job done.

    That said it is still lovely to be able to flick through a photo album.

    • Very funny! I insist on developing our photos then the children just pull albums out whenever they want to reminisce or chat about about them. They can spend hours browsing 🙂

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