Boxes, books, and Swimming.

imageToday we needed to do an emergency box resupply dash to our removal company. So we piled into the car and headed about a 40 minute drive from home, and collected 10 more boxes. We are so very nearly there and 5 more would probably have covered us, but it’s better to be safe rather than sorry at this stage. The children were so excited to see what may be our lorry (one of a few they have, but I didn’t burst their bubble!).  The last bedroom (our little ladies) managed to get itself packed today. On the way home we needed to stop off at a bank to change all three little people’s addresses on their accounts, and then as a treat we went and immersed ourselves in the bookshop for half an hour. Like me, the children love bookshops, and will happily sit there for hours reading books and being chilled out. It also was a the piece of calm and stillness for the day, for all of us to find a bit of slowing down in the mad day.  We all came home with 2 new books each 🙂

imageThis afternoon was the mini men’s last swimming lesson. They only started them at the beginning of summer but have done so well.  They’ve finished on a high as well, passing all their stage 2 criteria today, so 2 happy chappies heading home with badges and certificates.

I can finally see the end of packing is in sight. I’m hoping to finish off the kitchen tomorrow, leaving Sunday for jobs such as emptying the sand pit, cleaning the outdoor toys etc,  before heading into 2 days of full on scrubbing and cleaning!  I realise my blogs are a little short at the moment, but bear with me.  I’m so tired, physically and mentally by the end of the day, having packed and lifted all day, as well as juggle three little people, and try and get some “learning” done with the little lady.  I’ve definitely got the end goal in my mind as bait continuously, and it is not long now!



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