Bidding is Paused…..

IMG_9219Dadda awoke this morning and attacked the poor estate agent as soon as it opened….he said there had been no more bids on the property since yesterday, could they please get in touch with the sellers to ask if we could tie everything up today.  The vendor, just wanted to leave it over the weekend though, as no one had officially pulled out yet.  This afternoon, there was a little more activity, with a few bids going in, and us leading the way again tonight.  However, weekends are respected in Sweden as time to chill, so the bidding and any further communications with the house gets paused until Monday morning.  We are again at the top of our limit, but will now have to wait with baited breath over the weekend to see what materialises Monday.  However, I did not share the estate agents chirpiness in his little text to all bidders, that Dadda received!!  “The bidding process at……will take a pause over the weekend.  We open again on Monday at 9am.  Have a nice weekend! Regards….”  Oh well, Monday morning it is then….

On the plus side Dadda now has his Swedish personal number, so has been able to open a bank account, which also means he may be lucky enough to get paid at the end of the month 😉 and this also means he can apply for his Swedish identity card as well.

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