And Breathe…

I feel like we are finally done, minus about 5 pictures, a mirror, lampshades (as we couldn’t locate them today!), and a sofa bed. ¬†All boxes are unpacked and stowed away in the cellar, and we have stopped shunting stuff from a room we are sorting into another one ūüôā Today I have managed to unpack all the boxes of books, our plants (that all survived), and the children’s toy kitchen and food. ¬†I’ve even managed to cook properly too, so obviously have too much time on my hands!! ¬†So here is a peak at the rest of downstairs, which is all completed…..

img_0165 img_0170 img_0171 img_0174 img_0177 img_0181 img_0183

Other things that happened today, were firstly the boys tried the gymnastics out on the island here and they loved it. ¬†Funnily enough too, the instructor knew who they were, as she had a son in the school and she herself was a preschool lady, and they knew there was going to be a new English girl in her son’s class, and 2 English twins starting at the preschool!! ¬†Everyone certainly does know what’s going on, but for us it is coming across as very welcoming and very helpful, plus we don’t have to explain everything all the time. ¬†The second thing that happened today was that we discovered we’ve chosen an excellent place to live…….for alcohol supplies!! ¬†In Sweden the sale of alcohol is regulated by the government and can only be purchased in special shops, called Systembolaget. ¬†However, we discovered today there are only 6 in what is the equivalent size of a county in the UK (there are only 6 in the county area we live in !!). ¬†However 2 of these are within a 20 minute drive of us (in the same direction), so I’m not sure what everyone else is doing who doesn’t live near one!

As the house gets its last refining tweaks, and the rain is due to finally stop maybe on Monday (heavy rain continuously since Wednesday night), next week it will be time to tackle the garden. ¬†I had already got our UK garden cut back and prepared for Autumn and Winter, but now I need to do the same here….plus plant the spring bulbs before it’s too late. ¬†There’s going to be an awful lot of leaf raking to do as well….children will love the big garden but I’ve been thrown in at the deep end a little bit regarding maintenance. ¬†I think I’ll just tidy it up (no¬†‘just’ about it really!), get the spring bulbs in, and then plan over the winter what I will do to it in the Spring. ¬†Anyone who saw our tiny plot in the UK ¬†knows I love flowers, but I’m not sure I will be filling this one to bursting point or else it’ll be a bit too much to handle ūüôā

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