And Another Box…….

I apologise for tonight being short and sweet, and also rather neglecting the blog over the last 48 hours!  However, today has been a day of determination, and ploughing through box after box to unpack them.  A lot of paper waste is generated doing this, but luckily we had a courtesy car today (ours was in getting a second key programmed), so it looked like Karlskrona Bilcenter was dumping all their waste!  The main things left now are to re juggle the lounge area 7 billion times….our sofas aren’t really made for the room but we are GOING to make it work out!!  We just haven’t figured how yet 🙂 !!!  Then we need to hang all our pictures, and put up the children’s wall stickers.  That sounds easy until you see the wishing tree that our little lady needed as it’s a duplicate of the one she had in her UK room, and we are still scarred from how long it took to put up 6 years ago!  I also need to cook some proper food as there are only so many times a vegan gluten free Dadda can have jacket potatoes and beans on the trot.  I’m just about remembering to feed the children as they have a habit of saying they are hungry 😉 I daren’t even look in the garage or the cellar but I know I’ll have to face them next over the weekend.

A bit of progress today too, in that myself and the three children received our Swedish personal numbers.  This is a big thing as we can now access medical care, I can get a bank account and stop paying foreign charges, the mini men can be put on the list for förskola, and also I can now apply for my Swedish ID card.  Dadda also ordered the sofa bed for our spare room today, which will arrive Monday, so we are all go for guests visiting from Tuesday 😉

So today we have gone from this….


to this….


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