A Visit to Förskola

img_0329Today we had lined up a visit to the mini mens soon to be förskola.  It was just a chance to pop in and see what it was like for an hour.  With them we are currently stuck in a bit of a system hold up too.  You apply for their places, and then the kommun (municipality) acknowledges they are now in a queue.  In busier places this is a necessity since places can be of a premium.  However, on our little island this is not the case, and we were invited over as they are expecting the boys, have room for the boys, but are still waiting from the kommun to say to them they need to take the boys on!  We also found a little glitch, in that when children are 5 they move on to the next stage….ours are 5 in 2 weeks but when we first made ourselves known to the place back in August, their birthdays were still quite a way off, and no one has spotted they’ve crept a lot closer!!  So, after a bit of a debate, it was decided between myself and the ladies there that they’d probably be better off staying in this department, due to them having less children, and therefore able to spend more time with the boys and developing their Swedish, and just move them up a bit later (it won’t affect their school careers later).  However, although we all agreed there and then, in true Swedish fashion, everyone involved in their care has to come to a joint decision, so they are all going to have to get together and say it is OK.  The boys loved it there, and can’t wait to go back so at least that is positive.  So with all these delays, home education was back in full swing today with the maths and English workbooks coming back out of the draws and again trying to retrieve something of a routine!

img_0331 img_0333 img_0336 img_0338

Alongside this we ran a couple of other little experiments.  The first one was some more chromatography.  We enjoyed watching the colours of our sweets dissolve last week, but were disappointed with the lack of colour breakdown.  So today we drew a line with marker pen in different colours, onto coffee filters, then stood them in a glass of water while it absorbed the water and we watched the colours be revealed.  It was very intriguing for them guessing which ones would breakdown into what, and there were a few surprises.  We next did a little task from our Nature in a Nutshell book…something we haven’t had open since we left the UK.  We were looking at fruit seeds and how they were all different sizes and shapes.  We chopped the fruit up to do this, and best of all got to eat the experiment afterwards!!

After this it was time to get back into that garden and tackle it some more after a few days off from it.  We have a few hedgerows around the property, but the one that borders the road junction must be kept under control.  There is a rule that hedgerows at junctions mustn’t be over 80cm tall (to allow drivers vision).  Our previous owners cunningly had a fence built down one side, so that the part that corners the hedge is 80 cm high, so you know roughly where you need to chop to.  The reminder letter for this came in the post just after we moved in, so with no strimming devices of any kind, just a pair of long handled pruners, I got to work…..after 2 hours I didn’t dare look, but asked our little lady to please tell me that I had at least got half way!!


It appears I had managed half way, and set about stuffing the clippings into the car boot for the tip tomorrow, so I can do the second half tomorrow afternoon!!


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