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Fika with Sven och Svea, plus kanelbullar today 🙂

Today has seen big progress in sorting the mini mens förskola places out, and signs we are now well and truly registered in Sweden.  The day started with me being called to my first routine health screening appointment since arriving.  This now means we are part of the Swedish healthcare system, and all is falling into place as it should be, so that was good to know.  Everything is linked to having your personal number, and once you get that, the pieces of the puzzle start falling into the right places.  The appointment was at 0730 (ZZZZzzzzzzz) back in the city, which is a 40 minute bus ride.  It might have been early but that was a very welcome snippet of peaceful me time, all be it on a bus with a crazy bus driver! (Dadda stayed behind to take the little lady to school, then drive the mini men to get me, then I dropped him at work, before heading off for the weekly shop).  There is a reason the busses run on time here and are very reliable (and it is probably the same reason that if the busses brakes were ruined I wouldn’t be surprised!).  They hurtle round the country roads, bombing along, only braking at the last minute, and extremely hard for the bus stops!  However, it was a very much appreciated child free hour and half and much needed (even if it was spent on a bus and in a hospital!).  The little lady was much better today and Dadda dropped her off at school as planned.

As part of Swedish childcare, we are allowed up to 15 hours of free förskola per child.  As far as we can tell, there isn’t any specific instructions either how these can be used, like in the UK, where you can only use so many up on one day, and can only have a certain amount of hours if they do a certain amount in total etc etc.  This is a 15 hour amount, to use as you need.  Last night we got the letters we’d been waiting for from the kommune, that they had been allocated a place each at the förskola where our little lady goes to school.  It was now up to me to make contact and sort it out.  After lunch, and just before we needed to pick up the little lady we ventured up to chat to them (easier than a phone call when language is a bit of an issue).  They were expecting us, had the boys down to start on Monday, and were more than ready for them.  Next week will be familiarisation visits over three days gradually increasing their time and I will be with them.  At this I glanced over at our twins, who had both stripped off an entire wardrobe of outerwear and wellies, and got themselves fully involved in play on the floor, so I think I’m going to be a bit of a spare part on those visits.  Then the week after they will start, 3 days a week, 5 hours each time, covering a similar time to their big sister at school 🙂  I can’t pretend I am not a little bit excited as I am in desperate need of a bit of a break for a few hours!  It’s so nice to finally have everything in place and everyone heading in the direction they are supposed to be going in.  Our little lady has had a lovely morning at school, and as her maths is a little bit ahead, they are using some of her maths time to give her some 1:1 Swedish lessons, and after the first one today, she’s already correcting my pronunciation of some things!  After what had been quite an eventful morning, we all headed home, and it was puzzles in front of the fire….mini man no.1 got quite a spurt on with those!!

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