A Day of Travelling

I’ll apologise now for the lack of photos but I am having a few internet teething problems, and the font of all knowledge (Dadda) has gone to work.

Yesterday we rose and shone very early and a taxi (well a minibus), drove us to Gatwick airport. He helped me load the luggage onto a trolley, and then off I pushed towards our flight and to a new chapter of our family’s life, not being able to see where I was going at all, as the three car seats and four suitcases made a tower so high 😂  The airline were fantastic as I’d given up weighing the suitcases knowing there wasn’t a lot that could be done about the massively overweight issue!! They weighed them, discovered we were moving abroad, and then didn’t charge us. Then we needed to negotiate security. We were bumbling along, when a security guard started chasing me.  It turned out there was a special assistance route that offered no queues and lots of hands to help.  There was no rushing us along either, and through the scanners they were there to herd children making sure they didn’t disappear off while I was still on the other side of the scanner. It was then time for a well deserved breakfast and play in the kidzone. By the time we reached our gate in plenty of time, the plane was almost boarded and ready to go. We hopped straight on, and were off almost immediately and on time.  The children were fantastic on the flight, although the twins did want the windows to open!!! Throughout the morning I had received lots of compliments about the  children and their behaviour, and I couldn’t have asked for more from them.

After a quick passport control, and a very speedy baggage collection (half full flight and seems not many had hold luggage), it was time for the children and Dadda to see each other for the first time in 7 weeks. They were so excited and we headed off to our new family car….a bright red Volvo!!!!!  Squished in with all our luggage we headed off on the just over 2 hour drive, with Swedish  cinnamon buns to keep us going.

On arriving at our hut we all fell out grateful for a chance to stretch our legs. We are staying in a Swedish hut about a 15 minute drive from Dadda’s work, while we wait for our possessions to catch up with us. After unloading we had to head back into town to collect  wireless router and the weekly shop. I think we finally got the children to bed about 9pm after a very long day, and we weren’t far behind!!!





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