Wämöparken, Karlskrona – Experience Swedish Heritage And Outdoor Life

Wämöparken is set in beautiful Swedish nature on the outskirts of Karlskrona, in Blekinge county in southern Sweden.  There is so much to see and do there, at your own pace, or doing a little bit over a few visits.  This is a place to dwell, not rush, and if you do not get to experience everything on one day, then it is the perfect excuse to return to Wämöparken.  We decided one cold (-8 degrees) snowy, February day to visit, so we are definitely going to head back in the warmer months to experience another season in Wämöparken.

Although Wämöparken was once the site of a cemetery for victims of the plague, and also the site where executions were carried out for those who were sentenced to death, it now has an altogether much nicer purpose, allowing people to relax enjoying the outdoors as well as experiencing a little bit of Swedish history.  So what does the park have to offer?

Wämöparken Hiking Trails

The hiking trails around the area can be tailor-made to be longer or shorter for those less able to walk as far, but still wanting to get out into nature.  The trail marked with wooden poles with orange tips is accessible for pushchairs and wheelchair users.  We enjoyed using this trail at first, before heading in our own direction a little, using the smaller paths through the woods.  Although there are several fire pit points along the main trail, we opted for a quieter spot where the children could play in amongst the trees and on the rocks, and we used our hobo stove.  We had a lovely sausage hotpot followed by Nutella s’mores….yummy!!!

Wämöparken Historical Buildings

The park has several old buildings erected as examples of what they used to be.  At each one there is a sign detailing what type of person would have lived in it, the purpose of the building, and how it would have been built.  We definitely need to come back as these are open to view inside, but only over the summer season, which I knew, but we enjoyed looking around the outside of them anyway.  My trio liked thinking about the sort of people who would have lived in them and the stories behind them.

Wämöparken Animal Park

There is a small collection of some lovely animals to have a wander around.  We saw goats, pigs, hens, rabbits, and ducks.  Whilst it is not a big collection or area, it is fun for the children to see and look at the animals, something that is always a hit with my trio.


Perhaps the best and most luxurious mini-beast hotel I have ever seen!

Wämöparken Play Park

In the same area as the animals you can find a play park.  My three really enjoyed this space. The see-saw was the biggest hit with them, and they were on it for ages!!  I always visit things like this at the end of a hike if they are around.  My trio knew it was there so it gave them a little something to look forward to, but then also, when they get totally absorbed in it I am not trying to cajole them into another mission.

We gave the sand pit a miss on this trip!!

Wämöparken Cafe

If after a hike round the trails, a campfire meal, investigating the old buildings, pottering around visiting the animals, and a play in the park, you are in need of further refreshment, there is a cafe set in a beautiful old building.  You can get hot and cold drinks, waffles and cakes, or a warm meal.  We sampled their homemade cakes with some ginger beer and fruit juices.  Perfect after a play in the play park.  Outside the cafe there are also supersized board games on the patio.  Due to the cold these were not out for us to use, nor could we even see the boards on the ground due to the snow….so no photos of these I am afraid!!

Wämöparken Dog Agility Course

The final facility at this lovely place, is a dog agility course.  It is set in a large field and you can just turn up and use it.  You need to show consideration for dogs and their owners already using it by getting their attention before you enter in order to prevent any unfriendly mishaps between canines. But as long as you respect others and clean up after you four legged friend, this is an amazing space for you to be able to enjoy with your fur baby.  I know my border collie would have loved this space had he still been alive.

So, there you have the details about this amazing space called Wämöparken that we went and explored and thoroughly enjoyed.  I can recommend enjoying either a whole day here in any season, as there is more than enough to keep you busy during the winter months too, or dipping in and out of the area for a few hours.  It is most definitely a beautiful outdoor space that we will be returning too again and again.

Wämöparken, Karlskrona, Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden, www.mammasschool.co.uk


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  1. That sounds like a great day out. I love the look of all the different buildings and I too would be wondering who lived in them and what they were like. I love how you always have your stove with you for a lunch or me l during your days out!

  2. What a lovely place and you are very organised!

  3. What a great day out! This is our idea of a really fun day, we love being outdoors!

  4. oh this looks amazing, so much to do and it is all so pretty!

  5. What a lovely place to experience a little bit of Swedish history. Love all the outdoor playing in the snow. It’s great that you guys eat on the go too!
    Bella and Dawn recently posted…My Ideal Holiday with Mark WarnerMy Profile

  6. Wow what a fantastic spot – I have a thing for windmills so was immediately sold when I saw that! The cafe looks like a great place to warm up in too.

  7. I need a stove like yours! This post is beautiful, I always love seeing the places you’ve been! You’re a very lucky family! 🙂

  8. Oh I love the windmill, so pretty. This sounds a fun place to explore and great there’s a fog agility place too!

  9. Every time I read your blog, I seriously want to visit Sweden. It was on the list before, just keeps getting higher up!

  10. Oh wow what a fantastic place to take kids and enjoy the outdoors together in such a beautiful and peaceful place. We would love to visit this place

    Laura x
    Laura recently posted…A word on International Women’s DayMy Profile

  11. This sounds like a great place to explore, even at a temp of -8 – i don’t think I could have extracted mine from the park LOL
    Kara recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 11th March 2018My Profile

  12. That looks like a great place to explore with lots to keep everyone amused. That’s a very pretty windmill too #countrykids

  13. This looks like the perfect place to escape and relax with the kids, so much open space to explore and enjoy. I think a good hike is what you’d need in temperatures of -8, although I’m sure homemade cakes at the cafe might also do the trick. It certainly sounds like there’s plenty there for the kids to enjoy all year round and I look forward to your visit in warmer months to discover more.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  14. Hi, Sonia! This place looks amazing! There`s really something to peak everyone`s interest. Your kids look like they have a fun of their lives. Are they already excited to go back?
    Nigel William recently posted…Camping with kids: infants, toddlers, pre-teens & teens | Hacks & tips for families to make your trip safer & easierMy Profile

  15. Jo

    Check out that mini beast hotel – wow! Those critters are living in luxury! What a fantastic place for a day out. I love the red buildings – it looks freezing but with that fire and billy can you are all set for the weather. #CountryKids

  16. Wow what a great day. Loving the fire and animals especially

  17. What a lovely place! So much structure and cute animals to see too & I love the fact that you have a choice of a longer or shorter route. You can enjoy the place even when you have a child =) #countrykids
    Merlinda Little recently posted…Mini BeastMy Profile

  18. How lovely that a place with such a grim history can be turned into somewhere lovely to have fun and make memories! #CountryKids
    Emma MacDonald recently posted…Representing the school in a cross country race… alone…My Profile

  19. My husband has recently just returned from Sweden after visiting for work. He didn’t get to see much so would love to go back and explore. Its on our list of things to do but I think we would like to when its a little warmer xx #CountryKids

  20. This sounds like a great day out. I love the look of the old buildings and the animal park and the play area looks great too. Interesting to read about the history too – it’s hard to believe such a beautiful looking place could have such a sad history. I also love the fact that wheelchair- and buggy-accessible paths are clearly marked – things like this always make days out much easier for us. #countrykids

    • It is nice to have a place with great accessibility. I can’t believe the calm of the place now with it’s historical background

  21. I love traditional Swedish buildings with their red walls and white trims! This reminds me a little of a similar kind of place in Arhus, Denmark, that we visited many years ago.

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