Discover Ungskär In The Blekinge Archipelago

We are lucky enough to live in southern Sweden.  Blekinge, our part of Sweden, has an archipelago made up of 1650 islands, skerries, and islets.  With the great transport system of archipelago boats, and county buses (we moved from the UK where buses were a little hit and miss!!), exploring the archipelago is very easy.  We started exploring our archipelago a little last spring and summer, but this year, with a little more research, we are going to go on a journey of discovery.  We will explore the archipelago looking at the background, how to get there, what to see and do, where to eat, and where to stay for each place we visit.  We would like to take you with us on this adventure via the blog, and you never know you may well find yourself booking a trip to discover this small part of the world 🙂  Enjoy the adventure with us….twelfth up is the island of Ungskär.

Background Information About Ungskär

There are currently only around 8 residents on this little island.  In 1880 there were 364, in 1955 there were 100, in 1977 there were around 30, and in 1995 there were 17.  The numbers increase during the summer with the summer homes.  But the population has been declining steadily for a while.  It is a very low lying island, so at times can be quite wet underfoot, so sturdy footwear is recommended to visit this island.  Fishing was the trade of the people that did live here, and there have been tales of Viking treasure, but none has ever been found.  You can see remnants of a military presence in the form of bunkers, and there used to be an underground military hospital at the highest point on the island.

Our Adventure To Ungskär

It was a really windy day to be heading off out into the archipelago as this island doesn’t have much to stop the wind in its tracks!!  We picked up the boat this time from a little further along on its route, which would enable us to make it home quicker for bedtime later 🙂  We picked it up from Yttre Park instead of Karlskrona.

After our shorter boat trip, we alighted on the island of Ungskär.  As it was so windy, and so not a day to be sitting around paddling in the shallows, we intended to head off on the 4km trail route around the island, which has various marked stations on the map, which you can then read a little about.  Still not quite used to things being left for the public and not being either vandalised or pinched, despite living in Sweden for over 18 months now, I had printed out the map, although you should be able to get one in the harbour.  However, on arrival I was glad I had printed it, as I could not locate any place in which the maps were.

We headed off on the trail which is marked by either red splodges on rocks and trees, or red tipped posts.

The path was great to follow, although in some places we did struggle to pick up the next red marking, but we didn’t get too lost, and we always ended up discovering one eventually.  How accurate the location markings are on the map I am not sure, and it may be down to my terrible translating, but for instance number 7 I thought should have been the underground military hospital, but this was in fact at number 17.  That was the main thing to see on the trail.  You can’t go inside it, which would have been an experience, but under the ground you walk on, there was a hospital for 300 people during WW2 and this was accessed from the other side of the island by a narrow gauge railway, of which only a gravel path now remains.

My trio did have fun climbing up and down the mound which is the highest point on the island, and there were some fantastic views from up there.  They enjoyed pointing out all the islands they had already visited around it.  The rest of the trail was uneventful, but a really beautiful tour of this flat and tranquil island.

After we had walked the route, we headed back through the “village” of a handful of summer homes, and sheltered behind some boat houses out of the wind for our picnic in the sun.  It was so peaceful here.

How To Get To Ungskär

Access to this island is by boat only. In the summer m/f Wittus can be taken from Karlskrona, and in the winter months m/f Ungskär also from Karlskrona

What To Do And See On Ungskär

  1. Be sure to check out any events they have planned mainly in the summer months, as these are well worth a visit.
  2. There is a lovely 4km hiking trail which is a marked route and you can also collect maps from the harbour on your arrival, although I never did discover their location, but maybe we were too early in the season.  The underground hospital is the main feature on this trail.
  3. Swimming in the sea and generally enjoying a lazy Swedish summer’s day!  It was a little too blustery for us to do this the day we went.


Where To Eat On Ungskär

This is all down to you to remember to bring supplies!!  There is no store or cafe.

Where To Stay On Ungskär

You can rent cottages, amongst them one being the old school house 🙂

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