Tromtö Naturreservat – A Wonderful Woodland

We have explored Tromtö naturreservat in every season now, and it never disappoints.  Carpets of leaves underfoot, wildlife in abundance, woodland trails, and sudden views out over the water all make this a beautiful and tranquil place to explore.

Background Information About Tromtö Naturreservat:

You will find the nature reserve out of Karlskrona on the E22 in a westerly direction, taking the turning for Hasslö, and then it is signposted off that road.  It is a beech forest which hides away a manor house (which the immediate area surrounding is private land).  There are a lot of trails meaning you can take a shorter or longer walk, fire pits for cooking on with stunning views that instil a feeling of calm, and it is a hot spot for finding and admiring the beautiful stag beetle, our county’s emblem. We have explored these woodlands in the rain with the tree canopies giving us shelter from the elements, also making us feel cocooned and in another world. We have explored in the sunshine of spring and autumn letting us really appreciate the views, and in the crisp cold of winter.  In today’s post I will talk about our most recent adventure there, hoping to give you a tantalising taste of the forest that you will then want to explore for yourself.

Our Adventure To Tromtö:

This adventure to Tromtö took place on a lovely mild mid autumn day in the middle of October.  We headed off with the plan to hike a route, and eat supper at a fire pit mid way round.  The trio were all packed up with their day sacks and off we headed.  There are so many places to play along the route; from climbing trees, running down slopes, to clambering along fallen tree trunks, so all three had a lot of fun.  As usual our hike took longer than the average person’s due to all the nature play.

Eventually we came to our chosen fire pit and started to set up to cook our food.  Usually when we do this, the trio then potter off to play in nature, but on this particular afternoon the little lady had decided to run some “background activities”!  She had the mini men making little boats out of sticks and leaves, arrows to shoot, and then we all had to build a den once the food was cooked and eaten.  In between a spot of tree climbing, the mini men were delighted to be doing her ideas.

Our chosen fire pit was in such a beautiful spot, and even being out with the trio and all the noise and chaos that entails, it couldn’t help but let nature work its calming therapeutic magic.  The water was lapping the shore of the cove beside us (where you could take a dip if you fancied), the trees were beautiful, and the smells and sounds of nature were all around us.  We spent 2 hours there, leisurely cooking, eating, playing, and admiring the view.  You can not rush in a place like that and you are reluctant to leave.  The first marshmallows of the autumn had been toasted, and by the time we left everyone was feeling mellow and happy.

So, off we headed onto the second part of our walking route, which was to take us straight down the middle of the forest.  We were to be surrounded by tall beech trees reaching up for the sunlight, and no sea views were to be seen on this part of the walk.  It is a very beautiful view though, especially as we had the sinking autumn sun shining her rays through the canopy and between the tree trunks.  This made the carpet of leaves have a reddish tinge, and taking on a whole new look.  We also know that on this route there are a series of beautiful puzzle geocaches that we have enjoyed finding on previous occasions, if you like geocaching.

There is so much to see as well as the beautiful views.  The trio took their time examining a few of the hundreds of stunning iridescent stag beetles, as well as seeing how many different types of fungi they could spot, which are bountiful at this time of year.  They were also very lucky to spot a tiny frog on the woodland floor, which they all had a go at carefully holding before it hopped off.

Tromtö is such a beautiful place for a quick walk, or to really take your time to explore.  You will leave it feeling that you have really had a dose of nature therapy, and a little better off for spending time immersed in this lovely forest.Tromtö Naturreservat, Nature Reserve, Blekinge, Karlskrona, Swedish nature,

*******I have been paid to write this post but all opinions are honest and all words are my own************************


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  1. That place sounds so idyllic. So peaceful and yet beautiful. I’m sure my son and I would enjoy a walk there, stopping to check the nettles and for frogs too.

  2. This place looks so lovely, and I love the spot for your stop off at the fire pit. So relaxing and peaceful. These are one of these places with lots of different paths to follow and a new one each time!

  3. What a great place to have access too! We have a nature reserve near us in Edinburgh too. It doesn’t have a lake, but it does have a stream with several bridges for playing Pooh Sticks!

  4. Oh wow this post is absolutely perfect. It sounds idyllic, love your photos and love how at home and comfortable your kids are in this environment.

  5. It looks like an absolute gorgeous place to explore! I love the fire pit idea and toasted marshmallows are just the best thing ever!!!

  6. Ever since I was young, I have always enjoyed walking in the forest, one thing I always wanted to do was a fire pit. It looks like you guys had a lovely time.

  7. Your posts never fail to amaze me! That looks absolutely beautiful, it’s seriously makes me want to pack up and move x

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