Tired Legs, Rosey Cheeks, and Pink Noses!

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Today we were starting out at the main beach on the island for our hike, and trying to walk round to the next large peninsula.  There is no footpath marked on any maps (map 1), and we added what we managed to do onto our map afterwards (map 2).  It was one of those gorgeous winter days that are bright but freezing.  We set off, and at first we did find a footpath that wasn’t too bad, and we hoped it would go on round to meet the other footpath that was already on the map.  However, about halfway through the outbound leg, the footpath got very heavy going, especially for little legs.  There was a lot of clambering over boulders, pushing through long reeds to avoid the boggy areas, and lots of clumps of ground tripping them up!!  Eventually, unfortunately, the path fizzled out.

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I hadn’t bothered to take our map, that is a work in progress, out with us, trying to conserve it a little knowing there was no footpath marked on there.  However, having got home and seen just how close we were to a path running down the island onto the peninsula, it might have helped to guide us a little away from the water into the woods to try and pick up that path, and then use it out onto the peninsula.  For another time, maybe we’ll try the path heading south and work back from that and see if we can get the two to join up that way.

img_0801 img_0800 img_0799 img_0798 img_0795We turned back and headed the way we came.  The three little people did very well.  We walked for about 90 minutes and it wasn’t easy terrain, but we got minimal grumblings and they kept going.  Once we got back to the main beach, they played on the swings and the beach while I set up a now very windy picnic.

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I had brought the Kelly Kettle with us to have warming drinks with our sandwiches and soup, and then to toast marshmallows for pudding.  However the wind had picked up so much, that if we toasted marshmallows over the kettle base, the children would have been set alight by the flames.  One thing about Sweden and the outdoors, is that there are designated barbecue areas everywhere, even somewhere that is remote and you would have walked to.  So to avoid disappointment, we decided that we would try and start our tiny marshmallow toasting fire, in one of the huge fire pits on the beach!  At least it was protected from the wind and lit, it just flew through our small amount of twigs we’d brought for the kettle base.  It served a purpose though, as we had toasted marshmallows, and had our first experience using a Swedish outdoor fire pit 🙂

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